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"Bling Bling" Tux

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Aug 23 2005
Wow, way to post on a wallpaper that's already almost a year old!

Thanks, but I already picked up on the fact that others don't like it. - May 08 2006
Yet another openSUSE wallpaper

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Jun 01 2007
. . . my download of the SuSE EVAL DVD just finished not too long before finding this. . . - Nov 20 2005

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Nov 13 2005
I don't know how you could really describe this pic. slackdude's right, though - you really should have a more unique name than just naming them all the same thing.

Or you could release them all as different versions - there are many pictures on this site that do this where the artist has made the same picture with different colored backgrounds, with or without certain logos, etc. - Nov 20 2005

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Nov 14 2005
Any pics of the castle? That's interesting too.

The castle that Disney's castle is modeled after (forgot what it's called) looks real nice too. - Nov 20 2005
Against Anti-P2P Campaigns (ZKM) #2

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by Esel
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Nov 17 2005
For the non-German-speakers it says "ZKM opened a death row for filesharers. Gruesome but true: Location's daily fill rate: 10 filesharers and a donkey"

The part about the donkey adds a funny special touch - I'm assuming it's talking about eDonkey2000? - Nov 20 2005
Against Anti-P2P Campaigns (ZKM) #1

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by Esel
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Nov 17 2005
This kinda reminds me of the propaganda they have in movies now here in the USA - you know, that "you wouldn't steal a car, you wouldn't steal a purse, you wouldn't steal a DVD" thing.

For those who don't speak German, it says "The ZKM eats small children. Gruesome but true: every year 50,000 German children disappear." - Nov 20 2005
Linux rocks

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Jul 26 2004
Wow - nice job! Makes me want to learn KPovModeler! - Apr 07 2005
Why So Alone?

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Mar 12 2005
Nice screenshot! Where'd you get the background? - Mar 14 2005
Linux is sexy

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Dec 30 2004
I think you kinda missed his point. I don't think he's saying that you're a sheep for believing God. Rather, I think he's referring to the fact that many strictly religious people tend to think that everyone should follow their beliefs.
Also, just because you're not a Christian doesn't mean you have no morals or that you are a sex maniac.

I really think that people shouldn't just do things because they're what the Pope, Rabbi, or Dalai Llama wants them to. Beliefs shouldn't be formed by others, you should have your own beliefs. - Jan 08 2005
i'm not trying to be an ass, but my point is, when u see something that says "sexy" u should expect that it has something "sexy".

i understand her point. it was my first posting to the site, and i didn't even think about putting a preview when i posted and didn't know how to make them. now that i know how and how simple they are to make, i'll make sure to put one every time. - Dec 30 2004
As I said before, I simply added the text. The hackish job of cutting out the girl was done by someone else and I'll touch it up later. Therefore, if I am infringing on copyrights by having this girl in my pic, then so is the person who created the pic I modified, which was not copyrighted. - Dec 29 2004
The picture of the woman already had those jaggies - I just added the text. Funny, i never noticed those jaggies before... I'll be sure and try to get rid of them later. but they're not necessarily my fault because, as i already said, i didn't cut out the pic of the girl, i just added the text. Everything else was just left alone. - Dec 29 2004
Preview or no preview, with a name like "Linux is sexy", what did u expect to see? - Dec 29 2004
i was just thinking the same thing :) - Dec 29 2004
Windows Media Player

Noatun Skins 12 comments

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Apr 29 2002
its not just a matter of MS being "devilish" and "monopolistic" and becoming more open, its also a matter of MS selling bad products for high prices. - Dec 30 2004
1. It doesn't necessarily give noobs a sense of comfort. When I was noob i switched to get away from windows - i didn't want things to look "windowsy".
2. Why does it matter if u use Linux, as long as ur getting things done? i would think u'd want to show others that u use linux and also that u probably shouldn't b playing mp3s at work.
3. microsoft has been trying to pretty things up lately but this skin looks like it's created based on windows 98 or 2000. also, if u wanna go for that look, u can make ur entire desktop look that way - u don't need a skin. - Dec 30 2004