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Dominick D'Aniello

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by matrikz 1 comment

Nice splash, but you should post a more generic version (Ex. one with a kde gear instead of the debian logo), or a version without any logo, so users could add their own. - Mar 28 2004
Kopete -> iChat Style

Various Stuff by Magus 53 comments

As soon as i saw the kopete style feature, i thought of this. Good work - Mar 08 2004
OSX Menus for Phoenix

Various Stuff by phantomas 4 comments

I am striving for complete unity in my desktop, so I made mine to look like mosfet's liquid (qt) which has bubble like menus (like mine), although i am going to lighten the menus a bit, but hey i have no problem with people modding mine (mine is just a mod of the .net ones) thats what makes open source great, everyone gets what they want, not what somebody else wants for them. - Sep 16 2003
OSX Menus for Mozilla

Various Stuff by netpro2k 3 comments

This is true, but the .net menu was labeled as "dotNET menus for Mozilla", and mine is a mod of that one, so i labeled it as such. - Sep 16 2003
Emerge life (transparent)

Wallpaper Other by netpro2k 6 comments

im realy sorry about that man... i had it in my huge wallpaper stash, dont remember where i got it...probobly here on kde look tho.... again sorry for not noting you il add it to the description now.... - Jul 21 2003