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Brian Clements

Conky by swiftfeet 2 comments

I think the syntax that weather channel website uses was updated or changed because this screenlet has failed to work for me on 2 separate computers now. I tried plugging in the exact website the widget uses (and substituting my zip code and using metric) and here is what I get...'19102'?cc=*&dayf=10&prod=xoap&par=1003666583&key=4128909340a9b2fc&unit='m'

I've also seen them use a type of zone format like "USPA0000" so I'm not sure if something changed in the syntax. Either way, it don't work. lol. - Aug 31 2008
Ubuntu Wheel Usplash (also widescreen)

Usplash Themes by MBL 5 comments

64 bit by any chance? - Aug 21 2008

Conky by marcusfurius 13 comments

I don't know about that repackage, it still didn't work for me. Try this:

1)Uninstall the furiusMoon you have now
2)Open up the archive, edit "" so that on line 31, "hover = True"
3)Install the changed version and now you will actually be able to do something with it. - Apr 25 2008