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eric young
gnoMac Theme Pack

Various Gnome Stuff by lizardking 18 comments

hey man, your window buttons are on the wrong side, you gotta put them on the left if you want it to look like a mac. - Jan 18 2005
another osx-like desktop

GTK1 Themes by neonide 11 comments

ok, the link is not broken. I did not want to upload a 1meg PNG just for a screenshot! (F up #1 dispelled)

and secondly, I dont know about you, but i'm not going to run both gnome and enlightenment together. Nothing but problems.... and I'm not really going for the dock effect. I've looked into this engage thing, and right now it's definetly not stable.(F up #2 dispelled) - Jan 08 2005

Gnome Screenshots by shinaku 3 comments

not bad, but you need to move the Titlebar buttons to the left side - Nov 11 2004
halucard22 style in debian desktop

Gnome Screenshots by halucard22 2 comments

I must have that wallpaper!!!

I will be emailing you - Nov 06 2004