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Patrick Dovermann Bonn, Germany

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by gstnet 11 comments

Maybe I'm missing somthing here...

This is KDE-look and not alt.religous, is it?

So, maybe we rather speak about dsign and not about the sense und nonsense of Pentgramms, crosses, moons, wheels and so on.

All in all it's a nice, well made design, although of no use for me, for I don't use kbfx. But nonetheless well done.

I don't care whoever may bless me, but if I look at the result in the exams, someone must have done ;) - Dec 20 2005

Education Apps by bornio 5 comments

Your idea sounds good, but I also haven't got time to code it. If you want the vision to become reality (uhmmm I love pathtic words ;)) try the following books:

for C++ I recomand (for total Beginners)
C++ Primer, Stanley B. Lippman / Josée Lajoie / Barbara E. Moo, Addison&Wesley
for a little more advanced coders
Thinking in C++, by Bruce Eckel (
and for Experts
The C++ programming language, Bjiarne Stoustrup, Addison&Wesley
(hopefully I spelled the name correctly, otherwise, sorry)

Then buy a notebook, and after shift (don't know if this is right, I was in the German Army for 9 months, there we would have said "nach Dienstschluss") read a little bit and try out. believe me, in half a year you are able to code your project by yourself.

Good luck. - Dec 14 2005