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daniel coppi , Italy
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Jul 09 2012
You've done a great job with UI redesign.
I have a few suggestions to make this useful program even more integrated into KDE:
- change some strings, e.g. 'Configure...' instead of 'Configure' in trayicon menu; 'Configure' instead of 'Preferences' in config window titlebar;
- make KGmailNotifier use KDE icons instead of the included Crystal Clear;
- use own KDE object for opening KFileDialog (the button with open folder; is this a new object or just a simple button?);
- remove the right frame in the config window;
- add a horizontal line between options and lower buttons ('apply', etc.), like in other KDE apps config window.
That's all. Hope I helped. - Feb 25 2008
Great software, I finally found a working and nice gmail checker!
I have a few suggestions:
1. it's better if you make open instead of simply, which does not use https.
2. why not making possible to choose whether display popup or not?
3. and to hide trayicon when there are no new mails? (like mail-notifier) - Nov 04 2007
Dragon Player

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by eean
Score 70.0%
Feb 26 2008
Great program, i've been using it for some month.
I think it will be perfect if it'll be possible to
- hide the recently played file
- hide the 'welcome' dialog
- choose whether to remember or not the playback position of a video - Dec 02 2007

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Jan 14 2010
Oh, sorry, I haven't read that.
But I'm still unable to login, doesn't matter if I write or just nickname. My password contains two symbols, maybe that's the problem? - Nov 05 2007
Whatever passwd I enter in kcheckgmail config, it'll be cut off at the third character, so I can't use it.
I don't use kwalletmanager. - Nov 04 2007
Clearlooks Improvements by Cimi

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Feb 01 2007
Can you tell us where you have found you wallpaper? And the background color you are using in the 2nd screenshot? Thanks. - Feb 09 2007

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Mar 10 2007
Open gtkrc and search for #NautilusIconContainer. Uncomment those lines and change the colors. - Jan 14 2007
It's Murrina. You can find it in the download section of . - Jan 14 2007
KDE Plastik imitation

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Jan 06 2007
Where I can find the wallpaper in the screenshot? Thanks. - Jan 06 2007
Murrine Configurator

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Jan 01 2007
Hi. Thanks for your configurator, it's very useful.
But I've found a bug: if you have a folder with spaces in the filename in ~/.themes, for example MurrinaTheme (copia), when you open Murrina Configurator in the list you can see two themes, MurrinaTheme and (copia). I haven't tried to modify one of that ones, but it must not happen :) - Jan 03 2007

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Dec 12 2006
Nice to have helped another Scrubs fan! :D - Dec 13 2006
The icons are the wonderful Unabashed Tango by Lokheed:

Then, I overwrited Quod Libet volume icons (in Debian they are in /usr/share/quodlibet) with the ones of Unabashed Tango. - Nov 06 2006
Here's the link: - Nov 06 2006
It is called Murrina and you can find it here: ;) - Nov 02 2006
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

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Sep 22 2010
Hi! I think I've found a bug: if you use glazestyle = 0 and menuitemstyle = 1, then menu items are flat (and not glassy) with strange colors...
I remember that in Murrine 0.10.x with these settings menu items was normal.
Hope you got what I tried to say :) - Nov 01 2006