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Daniel Coppi , Italy
Tux KDE Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Schlesien 7 comments

It works, great! ;) - Aug 13 2006
Tux KDE Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Schlesien 7 comments

Very nice wallpaper. Can you add a png version with transparent background, so anyone can change the background color? - Aug 13 2006
I've found another bug: the SuperKaramba theme icon is not the one in this package (it's not shown up), but it's the one of the default Crystal SVG iconset. Maybe it's because you changed its name? - Feb 22 2006
I've noticed that also the filesystem-www icon won't be shown (e.g. in Konqueror). I think you've done a mess with that icons :D
Why not putting them in a folder [dimensions]/filesystems, instead in the main directory? - Feb 11 2006
It doesn't worked. I'll wait for the next week (it's not a big problem :D).
I've found another problem: the zip overlay icon isn't displayed. I've found a solution: change in the index.theme file the line concerned to the zip overlay icon like this:


Now the icon will displayed, but it's not the one included in your package (?): it is the one of the original Crystal SVG iconset, and I don't understand why. - Feb 11 2006
Great work! I really like it, but I've found some little problems:
1. I don't see the link icon, e.g. on the /cdrom directory;
2. The mimetypes 'encrypted' icon replace the action 'encrypted' icon (for example in the Konqueror toolbar when viewing a website with an encrypted connection).
However, great work! - Feb 10 2006