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James Spyra
Why don't you just use the image that comes with this download as the backdrop. Just extract the background image from the package. - Dec 09 2007
E17 + Gnome

Enlightenment Screenshots by 6655321 2 comments

I'm really liking the look of E17 and can't wait till the final version comes out. Great screenshots.

Has E17 been stable enough for you to use regularly? - Jan 11 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 69 comments

Most excellent theme!!! Any updates in the plans? - Sep 07 2006
3Desk Workspace Changer

Karamba & Superkaramba by static-slack 2 comments

You can do this. Just edit the "3DdeskAll.theme" file with a text editor. For example, I've got mine set to:

text x=0 y=0 value="1" fontsize=22 font="Diamonds" format="%s" color=252,252,252
CLICKAREA x=0 y=0 w=20 h=50 foo="3ddesk --mode=priceisright --changespeed=35 --zoomspeed=40 --dontexit --goto=1"

The --dontexit option keeps the desktop in 3d mode, hence you can keep on flip it to whatever screen you want. =)

for more options check out: 3ddesk --help - Aug 23 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 69 comments

You can get tham at: - Apr 15 2006