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Jānis Zaržeckis Riga, Latvia
Usplash Theme - Fingerprint

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Jun 29 2007
all you need is Start-Up-Manager. (you can find it in "Add/Remove Applications")
install it, open tab "Appearance"
then find the heading Usplash themes and choose your last theme and click close..
easy... - Dec 06 2008
Hi. I wanted to try using this splash screen on my asus eeepc, which has ubuntu-eee. The screen size is 640x480. as it was said in the readme i set the boot screen size to 1024x768. Did everything else as you said.. but when i tested it using terminal, i got some lines stating that it can't use the 1024x768, so the screen size will be reduced to 800x600
next line was that it will be reduced to 640x480. In the end when it opened it didn't work properly. Had the same problem when booting. Does it really work with the screen size 640x480, or do I have to blame my pc? - Dec 06 2008