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Nathan Williams Seattle, United States of America
GTK2 Themes
Elegant Azur

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Jul 21 2008
Nice Work... I don't think the red tabs fit with the theme though. Also it would be great if there was a Metacity theme to go with this. - Nov 07 2008
Aqua Joy

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Aug 17 2008
Install gtk2-engines-pixbuf - Aug 18 2008
The icons are actually an older version of crahsbit.

The new crashbit is located here...

- Aug 11 2008
Shiftie Pastel

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Jun 02 2008
On second thought I'm getting used to the window buttons :) I also made the scrollbar slider blue so things are looking great! - Jun 02 2008
I love this theme but there are two things with it that bug me. First the minimize, maximize and close buttons are all the same...second the scrollbar slider blends in to much with the background. On my laptop I have to look for a few seconds just to find the slider. - Jun 02 2008
Blue Joy

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Aug 17 2008
I don't remember where I got the wallpaper. I didn't make it so I can't distribute it on here because I don't know if the license is GPL. Here is the url to wallpaper hosted on imageshack though... - May 09 2008
I see your problem...
You need to install the theme engine.
Install gtk2-engines-pixbuf
Then logout and log back in. - Jan 29 2008
OK...what application are you using? - Jan 29 2008
Thats an interesting bug. Unfortunately I won't have time to try and fix it until later tomorrow. If any other applications are producing the same bug please let me know. - Jan 13 2008
Thanks for the help...I fixed the Bittornado bug! I also lightened the pager/workspace switcher as you requested. Please let me know if you find anything else that needs to be changed. - Jan 12 2008
Thanks for the feedback. I dulled the highlight color a little bit. I don't think it should be to dark because its the highlight color. I'm not sure what you are referring to concerning the workspace switcher. Is it hard to differentiate the workspaces or the applications that are open? - Jan 12 2008
Ok I know what you mean... The tabs are taken from the Blue-Junior GTK theme. I plan on changing them soon to look smoother. - Jan 12 2008
Yeah I could make a version with rounded buttons.No Problem!
What don't you like about the tabs? - Jan 12 2008