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Adrien Facélina Pézenas, France
I forgot, but what about them ?
I'd love to see this as an option for titlebars, toolbars, tabs...
Is this something we can expect of qtCurve in a not so distant future ?
Thanks in advance ;) - Oct 15 2011
Hi !
Thanks alot for providing the community with such a highly configurable widget engine. I've been using it for quite a long time now.
But I've been noticing something that's really starting to annoy me : used slider groove gradient setting won't stick no matter what I do. Is there something I should check/unchek somewhere (seriously knowing what's doing what is a pain) or is it a bug? Anyway it should be fixed.

On the other side I think I've seen the following feature request back in the comments but can't seem to find it now. It's about toolbar background color and toolbar text color settings. Is it something qtCurve can/will do? Or is it something one can achieve only editing css (if so could you point me to some resources on how to achieve this)? I miss this soooo much, and it prevented me from releasing my best styles since they give me the feel they still lack polish.

Sorry if I feel like ranting (themeing is an important part of the kde and linux experience to me, and since I can't code a standalone theme and can't find a match for me among existing ones I'm counting on the over-configurability of qtcurve to settle my aesthetic cravings lol). Anyway thanks again for this GREAT tool i love to mess with and for the answers you'll give.
Keep up the good work.
- Oct 15 2011
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