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brendt smith , Sweden
Compiz Themes
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Gentle Ubuntu Clone

Compiz Themes 8 comments

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Sep 04 2006
No, they just moved here:

He is the new "maintainer" since i don't care to work on it anymore. - Jun 07 2007
No, they just moved here:

He is the new "maintainer" since i don't care to work on it anymore. - Jun 07 2007

GTK2 Themes 49 comments

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Oct 02 2006
heh, yeah, didn't think of that. thanks for pointing it out. :P - Oct 02 2006
It's the new icon theme that is included in Gnome 2.16. You can get a Ubuntu package here:
If you don't use Ubuntu, you can just extract the .deb and move the icon folder to ~/.icons. - Sep 17 2006
Now there is a Metacity theme included. :) - Sep 17 2006
Thanks for the suggestion. I have now changed that. :) - Sep 17 2006
Ah, great! Thanks very much for that information about the white Nautilus line! - Sep 16 2006
Sure, I was planning on doing that later when it's finished. - Sep 16 2006
It's the Ubuntu Dapper default wallpaper that I changed the color on. I have added it do the downloads. - Sep 15 2006
You should just need to import it in Gcompizthemer... Tried downloading it again? - Sep 15 2006
Yeah, I have noticed that. I'm currently looking into it. - Sep 15 2006
Truth for linux

GTK2 Themes 78 comments

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Mar 29 2007
this looks really awesome. i won't use it because white themes burn my eyes, but for your intent - well done!

my guess as for why this doesn't have a higher rating is because of the lack of screenshots here at gnome-look. not that you should care, but anyways. - Sep 29 2006
Murrina Eternal Red

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

by BaQs
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Mar 15 2007
yeah, probably. but for your intent, i think you have done a nice job. :) - Sep 29 2006
i think this looks pretty neat. i wonder why people are voting this down? - Sep 24 2006
Ubuntulooks Industrial Modified

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Aug 02 2006
- the screenshots shows almost only some irrelevant wallpaper that most people probably find quite tasteless. you don't show much of the gtk theme.

- the scrollbars, tabs and others look old like windows 95. maybe you should use a newer engine?

- it's a bit hard to see where the round-shaded buttons start/end.

- it doesn't feel like there is any consistency in the overall style.

I hope this criticism is wanted and useful for you. :-) keep tryin'

cheers - Sep 29 2006

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

by dash
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Aug 31 2006
well, i didn't vote "bad". i never do that unless i see something repulsive or degrading. i just stand neutral.

but these might be some reasons others are voting it down:
- the striped background looks kind of cheesy in my eyes.
- the contrast in buttons, scrollbars, lists, checkbuttons (especially) and others are too low for most monitors.
- the scrollbars doesn't look like they fit in with the overall style for some reason. not sure why...
- white text boxes looks out of place in dark themes. (though i understand why you use them)
- too low text contrast in the selected entries in white areas. maybe use white text?
- you use too large and font in the screenshot.

Of course, these are just my opinions but hopefully they are useful to you. - Sep 29 2006
Enlightenment icons

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

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Sep 27 2006
i can't wait to see the complete set! :) - Sep 27 2006
Polycarbonate OD Green

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Jun 19 2006
very nice theme! :) - Sep 15 2006

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Sep 07 2006
i like that colour combo. nice work! - Sep 15 2006

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

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Sep 08 2006
Really good work, though I think the green/orange combination looks a bit odd. :) - Sep 15 2006
RGS - Root Green Square

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

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Jul 03 2008
This is very tasteful. Thanks for sharing. :) - Sep 15 2006
Real Blue Tux (G2 modification)

GDM Themes 2 comments

by gfx
Score 50.0%
Aug 14 2006
This is really nice. Thanks for sharing! - Sep 15 2006