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Mike MacCana

Icon Sub-Sets by tigershark 4 comments

Windows media Player,. Trillian, etc work fine in Linux if you have Codeweavers Crossover. - May 14 2002
Desktop Icons 0.5.0

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 64 comments

Rather than trying to be a clone of another OS - and it looks nice too.

Like the other posters said, I would make 2 changes
1) Change the CDROM color
2) Make different colors os the trash can, disk drives avaliable to match different themes
3) Make more icons, as you have talent ;) - May 06 2002
akua modified

Wallpaper Other by spasemunkie 6 comments

This newer version is much nicer and very good looking. My only complaint is that the globe looks a little low-res. - May 06 2002