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andrew chovanec Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovak Republic
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Aug 17 2005
i found it by accident .... sorry, but i have had it for a long time, so i can't tell you where i found it ... but i can send it to you if you want .... - Aug 17 2005
i'm glad that you enjoy it :) - Aug 17 2005
You have to have installed lm_sensors to show information about motherboard. Lm_sensors let you know actual temperature of cpu or motherboard, fan speed, voltages... If you install sensors and complexyzer still won't show cpu values, post it here and I'll try to help.

When you install lm_sensors, try to write in console 'sensors'. It should show you actual values about motherboard. If it show it to you and complexyzer doesn't, write it here.

Bye - Aug 17 2005
I'm glad that you like Complexyzer... First, I want to finish Net traffic section, where will be some surprises... :) I'm going to create Configuration dialog, where you will be able to choose, if you want to show xmms or kaffeine .... but this feature will be done in the end ... - Aug 15 2005
Slovak translation for Liquid Weather ++

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Sep 19 2005
finally slovak translation ... :) - Aug 10 2005