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Paul Robinson

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Nov 21 2006

Thanks for the response. I'm not sure what window manager I am using. You mention you are using Compiz. I have compiz installed (yum install compiz, stated so), but I don't know if I'm using it. I use whichever window manager is default for gnome on fedora7.

how would I change my window manager? I've tried googling for this, with not much luck!

You mentioned creating a utube video; that would be great, I'm sure i'm not the only person having this problem,

Thanks again,

Paul. - Oct 08 2007

I installed emerald onto fedora7 by doing "yum install emerald" (beryl was installed as a dependency.

However, when I go to the emerald theme manager, import the vista theme and then select it, nothing happens. How do I activate the theme?

Any help would be appreciated,

Paul - Oct 06 2007