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MirosÅ‚aw Zalewski , Poland

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I'm not sure if comments here are preferred way to contact with maintainer, but I wanted to drop two feature requests:

1. It would be great if there could be more advanced search function. Right now Cantata search in every tag it has in database. Sometime it is slow and it finds many unwanted results. Narrowing search string to specific tags and combining them together (like: "find every song with 'garden' in title and 'rose' in artists") could be really useful. As for user interface, maybe put little arrow on right side of search box - after clicking, it would expand advanced search (in a way very similar to gmail's new web interface). Or make search bar keyword-aware (e.g. artist:roses title:garden), preferably with automatic keyword completion. Or just open new window with advanced search settings ;) .

2. How about public git repo? There are few free sites, like github or I believe that contributing to this great project would be made easier this way. Of course source packages of final versions could still be posted here. - Apr 23 2012