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Nikkie Nikkie

Network by yemu 7 comments

''(similar to Kazaa, Soulseek or eDonkey)''

:D . Dcc is in a class of its own . Good program . - Jan 25 2005

Audio Apps by wheeler 55 comments

This came with suse 9.1 for me . I'm glad it did , though .

Great program . I use it more than xmms or anyother music player . - Jan 25 2005

System Software by isti 26 comments

checking for KDE... configure: error:
in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headers installed. This will fail.
So, check this please and use another prefix! - Jan 25 2005

Network by mkoebele 175 comments

Works fine for me . The all in one installer is easiest .

I am running suse 9.1 .I am pretty much a newbe .

The only thing that was missing was the kde multimedia part but i figured out how to fix that by using the ftp and just getting it .

Ares plugin doesnt work for me but thats not the program and someone else made it . if anyone has that working / post here and lemme know how . thank you

gnutella doesnt connect but i think the program needs something to update the nodes etc.

kceasy has something that updates the nodes and plugin . apollon needs that .

so far so good . very promising program . i cant wait for ares and soulseek to work in this .

Great work !! - Jan 13 2005