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Lanfranco Rossini

Various Stuff by aviram 2 comments

the fonts and:

can You tell me where I can find that beautiful Window Decoration? It is in KDE 3? I still don't have it.

Thank You again. - Apr 30 2002
OpenOffice/StarOffice icons

Icon Sub-Sets by iPaqTux 2 comments

I ask too much if I would like to see your icons in other (smaller) sizes?

Thak You for Your work I very appreciate it!! - Apr 29 2002
Keramik Kicker Backgrounds

Kicker Panel by affenschlaffe 13 comments

Sorry for posting here but where can I find the beutiful wallpaper I can see in your third screenshot?

Thank You - Apr 29 2002
Crystal Addons

Icon Sub-Sets by caldroun 13 comments

Yes, PLEASE post other sizes icons, especially the Opera one in 32x32 format.

Great artwork!! - Apr 24 2002