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Apr 04 2012
Another reset day problem...

Cannot set reset day greater than 28.

- Dec 17 2009

This is great screenlet!

There is currently a problem, however, with the total traffic counter. The Upload/Download totals always display 0 if the month spans the new year.

For example, on today (December 17) if I set reset day to 17 the month range is calculated to be "December 17 - January 17" and total values stay at 0.

If I set to 18 (tomorrow's date) the range becomes "November 18 - December 18" and the totals work fine.

- - -

Also garyedwardjohnston requested "mini mode - totals only" in a previous comment. I also think this would be a nice new feature especially if it had "Download", "Upload", and "Total" (Download + Upload).

- Dec 17 2009