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De' Mur Murmur
Space Linux

Wallpaper Other by murmur 3 comments

You Know What?...I Was Thinking The Same Way As U Did, but i still forgot to change it....

Thanks for your comment, though.... - Nov 04 2003
Space Linux

Wallpaper Other by murmur 3 comments know what? I was thinking the same way as you did, but i was forgot to change it.....

Thanks for you comment and reminder!! - Nov 04 2003
DCD (Desktop Cells Dividing)

Wallpaper Other by sorensilk 3 comments

i love balls, and you've just made a yummy looking transparent balls....
Smooth piece of art!! - Nov 03 2003
Linux friends :)

Wallpaper Other by Gmp 6 comments

Damn, whatta smooth and silky look on the background....keep up the good work! - Nov 02 2003
De' Dez

Wallpaper Other by fluxbox 2 comments

Nice 2D color play....
Do you used dodge tools and difference? coz i made up myself inspired by your wallpaper.... - Nov 01 2003