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Vincent Murasam√© Paris, France
Bluesy - Multiple engines

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Jan 17 2008
It's included in the archive (check the theme's folder)

As for the original wallpaper, see the link in the comments above. - Jan 18 2008
My aall time fav ! - Nov 21 2007
Human chrome

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Jan 16 2008
The link is here: [url]">here</a> ![/url] - Jan 17 2008
The link is here: [url]">here</a> ![/url] - Jan 17 2008
Thank you. Bluesy v2 is about to be realesed shortly. After using it a lot (let's call it bugtracking) I've realised it has many issues, which I'm trying to address !

Would you be kind enough to post the link to the wallpaper you're referring to ? - Jan 17 2008
Melancholy Murrine

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Nov 27 2007
Sorry for the 9 people who downloaded the them so far ! This was a wrong archive ! Not corrupted, just the wrong one, with the wrong theme index, the wrong gtkrc...

Sorry ! - Nov 27 2007
Saki Seto Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Nov 27 2007
I love it ! That's a great post ! - Nov 27 2007
Dark seed murrina

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Nov 27 2007
Merci ! I'm working frm scratch on an adaptative metacity look for your theme ! Coming soon ! - Nov 27 2007
Welcome back ! Thank you again ! - Nov 27 2007
It is included in the archive. It's actually in the theme folder itself !

Thank you for your comment. - Nov 27 2007
Green lemon murrina

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Nov 27 2007
Don't you think it's a bit awkward the best rated themes are always blue-ish or grey ? Why is that ? Are we just a bunch of people completely conditioned by modern standards ? I mean green IS nice too ! - Nov 27 2007
Glad you like it ! Thank you ! - Nov 27 2007
Obviously, nobody likes green ! Nevermind I still think it freshes up the atmosphere ! - Nov 27 2007

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Jan 19 2008
It seems rather sensible ! Mind you, I had never thought of it ! - Nov 24 2007
Pin up !

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Nov 21 2007
Now I've had a little fun, my intention is to publish a series of monochromatic themes. (Actually the first ones in the series were Bluesy and Pin up).

To be more specific, I'd like to design a theme for each existing colour. I mean primary ones and play around some shades variations.

I can't care less if people don't like flashy colors... You know, it's just like clothing ! Everything is kind of a matter of fashion... I don't think most people are educated enough to have a real sense of what the words good taste or bad taste mean... ;-).

From there, we shall see !

Thank you for your support ! - Nov 22 2007
Let's say... Waht colour could come next ? Any idea ? - Nov 21 2007
I guess I'll stop theming for a few days...

It's quite late now... But I've had fun posting flashy themes today.

I don't think most of them could be used on a daily basis. They're just meant for a change of mood...

- Nov 21 2007
Modern Time

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by Jip
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Nov 22 2007
Just fantastic.

I love the alternative version !

I think I'll post a metacity soon...

Great work ! - Nov 20 2007
Nice shades of blue ! Chouette Boulot monsieur Bizet ! Du pixmap joli, sobre et efficace !

Smooth, clean, slick and nice...

Nice job !

Bravo ! - Nov 16 2007
Shining Silver (Metapackage)

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Jan 09 2012
Done ! It's here: - Nov 14 2007
Thank you ! - Nov 12 2007
Yes, within a week. I'm cleaning up the set at the moment ! - Nov 12 2007
Thanks ! It's always nice to get some feedback ! - Nov 12 2007
Shining adaptive Orb - aquaish

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Nov 09 2007
Well... You actually don't need to use any application to get the colour you want...

I assume you're running a Gnome desktop, in which case you only need to set the background color to whatever colour you want.

Just tell me what linux distribution you're running and I'll tell you where to go to easily apply a background colour to your desktop wallpaper (well, this is exactly the purpose of a semi-transparent background)

Anyway, if you're requesting something more customized (like a green orb on top of a grey background, just tell me what you want exactly and i'll post it)

Regards - Nov 10 2007
True ! I realised it when turning the background color to red... I guess it brings back a few memories ! - Nov 09 2007
Well, I simply colored the human icon set to my own taste.

I also designed the GTK Theme using the murrina & pixbuf engines. - Nov 09 2007