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Ossi Hanhinen , Finland
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by muko
Score 63.3%
Apr 29 2013
This is intended to be used with the Gnome Shell 3.x. Maybe I should emphasize this point more on the description, as well as the fact that it uses the Gnome default icon set as the base.

However, if you are really interested in getting this folder-replacement working with your icon set of choice, you could try editing the index.theme file. Just change the line "Inherits=gnome" to "Inherits=faenza" or whatever. Unfortunately I don't have Unity, so I cannot test these things.

Hope this helps! - May 01 2013
The panel icons are the same as when using the Gnome (default) icon theme. I uploaded a screenshot of the full screen with the dash open.

Is there anything else missing? - Apr 30 2013
Score 74.2%
May 01 2013
Score 74.2%
9   May 01 2013