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Michael Fuchs Wilfleinsdorf, Austria

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Nov 08 2006
i like the way it works in konqueror.
but is it possible to use this plugin with d3lphin/dolphin?


michi. - Oct 30 2007

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May 25 2010
in the vpnc-script there is a $TARGET_NETWORKS variable, which has the exact functionality i want to use. - Sep 25 2006
i know. ;)
but these routes are related to the tunnel device not to eth0. i want (need?) this, coz not all the traffic should use the VPN. - Sep 25 2006
hi, first of all i like this tool, but i got a question:
is it possible to add a route on eth0 after connecting to a VPN?
i tried to put

route add default gw router

in the "execute command after connect" box, but it doesnt seem to work. - Sep 03 2006

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by digikamdeveloper

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Mar 20 2011