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Jeff Waters
Orange Juice

Wallpaper Other by LikwuidIce 6 comments

Good stuff man, I like your version better than the original. Good stuff. - Nov 06 2003
De' Dez

Wallpaper Other by fluxbox 2 comments

nice colors man, I like the free flow of the piece. - Oct 31 2003
Herald of Praise

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 7 comments

I think you missed Tim's whole point. He's not talking about praying, but praising. One is a private conversation and the other is a mosh pit of love. :-)

btw Tim, nice work. One of your better pieces. - Oct 31 2003

Wallpaper Other by timPLEZdrown527 27 comments

It seems you took haste in making this wallpaper. You selected the worst possible place to put your text. The font is rather plain and has no connection to the picture at all. Spite makes poor art. - Oct 28 2003
Linux Freedom - Blue

Wallpaper Other by nadolph 3 comments

Man I Love this, everytime I look at it on my desktop I love it more. Thanks for such a great wp nadolph. - Oct 28 2003
Linux Freedom - Blue

Wallpaper Other by nadolph 3 comments

Thanks, using here at work now.
Good quality stuff man. - Oct 27 2003
Heavenly Declaration

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 22 comments

Yes, your getting better Tim.
However I'm not sure the blueish drop shadow on the smaller pic is right.
However I'm no art critic. :-) - Oct 26 2003
Quanta+ icon

Icon Sub-Sets by luci 10 comments

Yes, very very nice and long overdue. I'll be adding this to my desktop when I get home from work.
Thanks! - Oct 25 2003

Wallpaper Other by marceljordan 3 comments

You took my saying, open source open minds. Haha, that's great though, love the wallpaper. - Oct 24 2003

Wallpaper Other by alethia 2 comments

LOL, man that's great.
Was having a bad day, you just cheered me up. :-) - Oct 15 2003
The Exodus -- Fatal Pursuit

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 5 comments

I see you took my advice, looks much better. - Oct 14 2003

Wallpaper Other by helpmaria 5 comments

It's sad when someone makes a wallpaper out of spite. - Oct 08 2003
KDE3.2 Wallpaper V2

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by JiinYaroon 1 comment

good stuff man, keep it coming. :-) - Oct 08 2003
KDE NIN splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by sandman 6 comments

lol, somebody is grumpy today :-P

btw.. nice work sandman. - Oct 07 2003
Got Christ?

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 130 comments

I think the art is ok, not stunning.
The message is good. I think Tim has some balls posting it up here, kudos on that.
I don't use Christ themed wallpaper myself. However this site is open to all forms of wallpaper, you should all recognize that. I've seen half naked women that nobody complained about, yet your all crying and throwing a fit over a few words.

Sad, and here I was thinking the Linux community was above that. - Oct 07 2003
Peace Love linux

Wallpaper Other by flamy 9 comments

looks good to this color blind geek :-) - Oct 05 2003
No Other Name

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 10 comments

nice bro, clean and packed with a powerful message. /me likes - Oct 04 2003

Wallpaper Other by pirke 12 comments

Good stuff man, I really like calm backgrounds that add depth and feel to the desktop without being the centerpice.
btw... what proggie did you use to make it? - Oct 04 2003