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Matt Sturgeon , United Kingdom
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Vista Globe

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Apr 07 2010
I, also strongly dislike microsoft, but i noticed a lack of decent windows GnoMenu themes, and decided - in the interest of _choice_ to create one. i also have a variaty of apple based themes too, as there were NONE at the time! - Nov 21 2010
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Dec 31 2009
Also check out my alternatives Apple Icons:
MacOSX Black Apple 0.1
Mac OSX Apple 0.1 - Apr 06 2010
It's coz its on your top panel, if you can edit the theme files so its all one image, rather than an in panel and an outa panel images, GnoMenu wont flip it. It flips it so that the outa panel bit drops below the panel, works well with windows vista globes.

email me with any questions, but im no expert! - Apr 06 2010