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System tray screenlet

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Mar 31 2009
I have tried this on a system with an ATI graphics card, and can confirm your bug. It is probably due to the lack of proprietary driver for X 1.6. Hopefully this gets fixed soon! - Apr 15 2009
The screenlet isn't reporting any errors in your trace but obviously isn't working as it should.

Do you already have another system tray running (e.g. in a gnome panel)? If so, remove it before running the screenlet, as gnome only allows one at a time.

(On Ubuntu 8.10 the screenlet would grab the icons regardless, in Ubuntu 9.04 Beta the screenlet sometimes grabs the icons, sometimes shows up blank)

If that doesn't work, try launching the network monitor from the right-click menu and see if you get errors, or nothing happens.

- Apr 13 2009

I have just tested this with a fresh install of Jaunty Beta. 'Out of the box' the screenlet works for me, but only with an opaque background. With a transparent background behaviour is erratic. Once Compiz was enabled (also requiring nvidia drivers on my system) everything worked fine. - Apr 06 2009
Thanks michote, that does work well. I'll add it to the next update.

This opens some interesting possibilities for themes, such as the 3-d look used with most docks.
- Mar 08 2009
I reproduced your screenshot using version 0.1 of the screenlet in Ubuntu 8.10.

Try downloading the updated package, version 0.1.1, this should fix your problem. - Mar 03 2009
A couple of things to check:
-Make sure you have version 0.1.1, there was a bug in 0.1
-Make sure you have python-xlib installed

If neither of these help, please run the screenlet from the command line and post the output. - Mar 02 2009