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Martin Sourada , Czech Republic
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by mso
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Aug 07 2008
Yup, this workaround is needed due to GTK behaviour. All engines have this problem but each solve it their own way (like hardcoding maximum roundness for text boxes - to minimize the effect - faking transparent background - which does not work for gradient backgrounds, etc...). - May 05 2008
I've never used deb based distro, so I don't know how to make deb packages. But if you'd like, you can grab rpm from koji [1] and convert it to deb using alien [2] (though it's not recommended way of installing packages). Or you might request for inclusion in your distribution.


[2] - Apr 14 2008
If I read the bug correctly, I already removed the unneeded patch during the process towards 0.7.0 release (which is not out yet).

See - Feb 19 2008