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Marc Schwartz
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The Greyhound Theme

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Jan 10 2009
I just thought that I would post a quick note here regarding the gtkrc issue.

From what I can tell from reading posts on other forums, the specific Murrine SVN snapshot that is being used by Ubuntu in the .deb for all of these new Ubuntu/Murrine themes is the only recent Murrine SVN version that supports these particular gtkrc tags.

Murrine SVN revs since that one snapshot will be incompatible and will result in the errors that I have posted about. Other similar themes here on GNOME-LOOK, which used the Ubuntu .deb for the Murrine SVN snapshot will all suffer the same problem.

This has caused a (pardon the pun) Dust Up over the incompatibilities on other distros when folks go get the latest Murrine SVN rev as I did, since we cannot use the .deb file.

The proper solution is for folks to modify their gtkrc files to be compatible with the latest Murrine SVN engine and not just the specific version used in the Ubuntu .deb file. Whether that will happen or not is open to discussion.

- Dec 15 2008
I finally got it working.

I did have Murrine 0.6 from svn installed, as per my prior comment. That did not seem to help.

There were two additional error messages that I noted:

.../.themes/TheGreyhoundTheme_v0.5.1/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:104: error: unexpected identifier `style', expected character `}'

.../.themes/TheGreyhoundTheme_v0.5.1/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:1790: error: unexpected identifier `style', expected character `}'

With those two lines commented out, the theme now works.

Not sure if this is Fedora 10 specific. F10 uses GNOME 2.24, so perhaps something has changed in GNOME, whereby that syntax is not compatible.
- Dec 08 2008
Thanks for your reply.

F10 comes with version 0.53 by default. I removed that RPM and installed Murrine from SVN. No problems with the configure, build or install.

Still no joy. Same error message and the theme does not display properly, presumably due to the error. Perhaps there is something else with F10 that conflicts.

No rush, but if somebody running F10 can get this theme to work properly, let me know how you did it.

- Dec 07 2008

Thanks for this theme. When I try to use this theme, I am getting an error message in the console:

.../.themes/TheGreyhoundTheme_v0.5/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:84: error: unexpected identifier `colorize_scrollbar', expected character `}'

This is on Fedora 10.

The problem in the gtkrc file is not immediately evident to me.

Any assistance would be welcome.
- Dec 07 2008

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Dec 25 2008
Thanks. Honestly, there was no urgency or rush needed, but I do appreciate your expedience in responding.

I do think that it aids with the usability of the page.

- Sep 24 2008
Nicely done. Looks much better.

If you wish, you could cut it back a bit further and only have the changes for the most recent version listed above, again having the ChangeLog file available for the prior versions.

But again this is much better.

- Sep 24 2008

I really like the icon set. Well done!

Some hopefully constructive comments:

Given the rate and scope of changes that you are making, the change information is getting incredibly long. One has to scroll through the increasingly long list just to get to the download link, or read comments.

I would recommend that you put the change information into a ChangeLog file and make that available for download, if folks wish to review the changes in detail.

Have a summary of the changes for the most recent version only on this page for review, so that folks will know what has changed.

Also, just have the latest version, or perhaps the last couple of versions available for download, if folks want more than just the latest. At some point, you are going to have a long confusing list of versions linked here and I am not sure that it will be of value.

Thanks again.
- Sep 24 2008
vision (codename inspiration)

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May 30 2008

No, the kernel is not the problem on F9. It is that F9 uses a pre-release version of Xorg, which nVidia is not supporting. The ABI has changed and nVidia has not yet written a driver to support the change.

One needs to use:

Xorg -ignoreABI


startx -- -ignoreABI

to run X in this situation, which disables 3D and compositing support.

You do need to use 173.08 to get things like TwinView to work (which I use), but other aspects of functionality do not work yet.

There are many flamewars on this subject at NVNews and other fora.
- May 20 2008
Well done Rob (again!)

Wonderful theme.

For those who are wondering about the global menu hack:

Also, thanks for the Emerald theme Rob. Now I just have to wait for nVidia to release a driver that will let me use Compiz-Fusion on Fedora 9... :-)

- May 19 2008
Rob, any chance for a release of the GTK/WM themes soon?

It's looking great!

Any plans for a Emerald theme in addition to Metacity?
- May 06 2008
Overglossed Emerald

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Feb 08 2008
Great Emerald theme and it really adds the right touch to the rest of the GTK theme.

Overglossed is a beauty!
- Feb 08 2008

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Apr 08 2008
I knew that... :-)

Just thought it might be something to consider for the default.

I did change it from:




which seems a little better, but could perhaps still be tweaked a bit more.

BTW, any chance of getting the WM theme for Emerald? :-)

- Feb 06 2008
The only suggestion that I have at this point would be to "tone down" the active selection highlight blue color. For example, the color of active selected bookmarks in Firefox or folders in Thunderbird.

I think that it is too "bright" of a blue in contrast to the more steel colored blues that you are using elsewhere.

- Feb 06 2008
Slickness Black

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Feb 18 2008

Thanks for this great dark theme.

I have been waiting for a usable dark theme for quite some time and yours is terrific.

A question: In the third screenshot (rightmost), there are black scrollbars. Is that an optional configuration? I didn't note any additional png's for the black sliders.

Thanks again!
- Jan 25 2008

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Oct 16 2007
Thanks for your comments. I am also surprised that there has not been more work with Nodoka yet.

Perhaps when F8 comes out in a few weeks more folks will look to create themes for it.

Thanks for all of your contributions.
- Oct 16 2007
Leopard look

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Jun 15 2007
Got it. Thanks.
- Jun 13 2007
Any chance of getting your metacity theme ported to emerald?

Nice work!
- Jun 13 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes 12 comments

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Mar 25 2007
I know that I have seen it before, but cannot recall where.

- Mar 25 2007
Sea and Sky Bryce Pack (12 domes)

Skydomes 25 comments

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Apr 06 2007
Skydome images need to be a power of 2.

So you would need to resize it to something like 2048x1024, which I did in GIMP and it works now for me.

It did not work in it's native resolution.

- Mar 24 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 161 comments

by kiddo
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Jan 08 2016
Thanks for the rapid response!

Trash and GPM are both working.

Great Work.
- Mar 16 2007
You might want to add the 'hicolor' icon set to the Inherits.

At least on FC6, the default scalable icons for the gnome-power-manager panel applet are in the hicolor icon set.

At least until you are ready to make the battery icons in the 'spare icons' folder part of the regular release.

Also, you have a gnome-dev-battery.png file in apps now, which messes up the battery level indicator by default.
- Mar 16 2007

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Feb 01 2007
Any chance of getting 1600x1200 versions of Waves, Tornado and Drum?

Thanks! - Jan 26 2007

Various Gnome Stuff 37 comments

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Oct 28 2006
Thanks! I appreciate the expedient response! - Sep 28 2006
Great themes. One suggestion. Shorten the hour hand or lengthen the minute hand on the Classy/ZGlassy themes. Right now, one needs to look pretty closely to differentiate the two, making it difficult to quickly look at the clock face and get the time. - Sep 28 2006
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets 67 comments

by saki
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Dec 30 2005
I would have to challenge the performance issue on a newer computer. I have a 3.2 Ghz P4 with 2Gb of RAM.

The SVG icons are unusable on this system, as it comes to a screeching halt when opening a Nautilus window.

The PNG icons work great and I can now use this theme.

Great work! - Dec 30 2005

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by mkk
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Jun 24 2005
Any chance for native 1600x1200 versions?

Thanks for the great work! - Jun 21 2005

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Mar 14 2005
With FC4 due for release next week, any chance for an updated version of this great wallpaper?

Thanks! - Jun 09 2005
This is a great wallpaper. Any chance for a native 1600x1200 version? - Mar 14 2005

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Mar 14 2005
Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Mar 14 2005

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Jun 30 2005
Just noted on OSNews that Clearlooks will be the default theme engine for GNOME 2.12!

Congrats Remenic!!!

Great work!

Marc - Feb 28 2005
Ok. Not sure what that was about, but I re-booted and it now seems faster. Even the xfdesktop menu is coming up much faster.

Sorry for the confusion.

Nice to see others using Xfce 4.2. It's a great desktop. - Jan 08 2005
Great theme! I really like the look of this.

One quick note, which is that the engine seems a bit slow. Like you, I am running Xfce 4.2 from CVS.

I had been running bvc's Edge theme, which was very quick. I now have his additional blue theme for this engine loaded as well.

FWIW, this is using FC3 on a Dell 5150 laptop with a 3.2Ghz P4, 2Gb RAM and an nVidia 64mb card using the nvidia driver.

Any thoughts or additional info you need to help?

Thanks. - Jan 08 2005

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Sep 19 2005
It just keeps getting better!

Well done. - Feb 02 2005
Any consideration you might have is appreciated.

The link is:

The latest version of Xfce is 4.2 and some additional notes for WM theming are towards the bottom of the page.

Xfce uses GTK for it's UI, so we can utilize your GTK themes there, which I have enjoyed for some time.

I have no doubt that Xfce users would enjoy your WM themes greatly.

How's that for "sucking up".... ;-)

Thanks again for all of your hard work! - Jan 19 2005
Thanks for the quick reply. Looks better... :-)

On the xfwm4 themes, would you be interested in a pointer to a How-To? There is one at the Xfce site.

Let me know. If not, I would certainly understand.

Thanks again for the great work! - Jan 18 2005
This is gorgeous!

I liked the first go around and this new version is impressive!

Two things:

1. There is something just a little "funny" in the upper left hand corner of the scrollbar handle. Can't tell what it is, but you can see it in the new preview. Looks almost like it is dog-eared.

2. Any consideration for putting together an xfwm4 theme for those of us using Xfce? The metacity theme adds a nice sense of depth to the overall theme, which is not available under Xfce's WM themes.

Thanks for the great work! - Jan 18 2005
Linux Inside

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Jan 09 2005
Thanks for the quick reply!

Yikes, I just noticed that my first post is doubled. Is there any way to remove the repeat? - Jan 09 2005
I like this wallpaper. Thanks!

Any chance of creating a version with the Ubuntu-like "Human" background color?

An example is here:

On a Gtk2 theme, the key color is #B29069

I used that color to create a theme here as an FYI:

Thanks! - Jan 09 2005
I like this wallpaper. Thanks!

Any chance of creating a version with the Ubuntu-like "Human" background color?

An example is here:

On a Gtk2 theme, the key color is #B29069

I used that color to create a theme here as an FYI:

Thanks! - Jan 09 2005
O'Reilly icons for Cezanne icon set

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

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Sep 23 2004
Great themes!

Any plans to add the other O'Reilly icons to this set (ie. bash, emacs, Python, etc.)?

P.S. Also could use a .bz2 "box" and Powerpoint/Impress icons in the mime set.

Thanks! - Sep 09 2004
Blue Silk (Fedora Core 3)

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

by xsos
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Jul 19 2004
If you are serious about having it included, read more here:


Marc - Jul 19 2004
BrushedLinux, King Tux, and Deb Swirl

Wallpaper Other 11 comments

by jcook
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Apr 14 2004
Do you have your own web site? There is an option on the upload page to specify that the download URL is not on

For example, the "download" links for these 1600 x 1200 wallpaper photo images ("Own Way"):

are located on a different server, though the preview/screenshot images are on

Not sure if that would help you, but this approach would let you use images >500kb. - Apr 19 2004
The jpg without the swirl would be great.

There is no official Fedora logo as of yet as I understand. Presumably something is being worked on. Some have simply used the red fedora from RH's logo.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Marc - Apr 14 2004
Great image! Any chance of getting a version also at 1600 x 1200 without the swirl? I am using Fedora.

Thanks! - Apr 14 2004