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Michal Rudolf
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Mar 31 2004
It is not that bad. Some progress was made, a lot more is planned. You can grab current CVS at

All depends on my free time and as I have some other Open Sources projects, it slows down things. - Dec 19 2005
It looks like program hasn't been installed successfully. Invoke

make install

after compilation.
Or, if you cannot install it, copy knowituirc to $HOME/.kde/apps/knowit - May 31 2004
I started KnowIt because KJots was not enough for me. It was easier to start new application than to provide some patches to KDE-core application which was maintained by someone else. - Feb 04 2004
Well, that would require adding KOffice dependency and many people don't have KOffice installed although they use KDE. So, I'd prefer to add more format/export support without using KOffice library. - Jan 20 2004
Could you please e-mail me more details? You may also consider posting ideas on - Jan 07 2004

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Nov 02 2009
I remember seeing something like that on non-Linux box and it had something to do with Qt being compiled without support for some external format (PNG?).

For Editor, all pictures should be embeded directly into executable, so it should not be a path problem.

You may try running 'kmdr-editor' from terminal and look for error messages. - Sep 01 2004
We need good icons for widgets to replace those from Qt Designer. Perhaps anyone could create some? - May 28 2004
We also prefer KDE icons (as well as KDE message box, KDE file dialogs, KDE toolbars and KDE menus).

But Kommander is derived from Qt Designer and transition of everything to KDE will take some time. - May 28 2004
Yes, it is possible to pass parameters. Please check examples/tutorial/cmdline.kmdr for an example how to do it. - May 26 2004

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Feb 19 2004
export CVSROOT=...
instead of
CVSROOT=... - Feb 20 2004