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by ZMA
Score 80.7%
Feb 13 2020
Ok. now it´s a bit crazy.
Screenshot1 is with Test1

Screenshot2 is with Test2

On both tests the Icons from screenshot tool etc. goes also big.

I have replaced base Folder: Uniform+, correct? - Feb 14 2017
Many thanks. i try and give you feedback soon - Feb 14 2017
i´am using evolution 3.20.5 and gnome 3.20.2 on openSuSE LEAP 42.2 - Feb 13 2017 - Feb 13 2017
The first shows the main screen:
the second the preferences:
there is another with meeting invitations but i have no request at the moment so no screenshot avalable. thanks in advacne - Feb 13 2017
Hi, i love this icon theme. But i have a problem with evolution icon Size. some Icon get ugly big.
do you know the problem?
thanks in advance - Feb 13 2017

Full Icon Themes
by ZMA

Score 80.7%
9   Feb 13 2017