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KDE 4 Notifications for Pidgin

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This is a Perl plugin, to install save it to ~/.purple/plugins (create the plugins directory if it does not exist), for example: /home/bob/.purple/plugins/

You will need Pidgin with Perl support ennabled; you can find out if yours is available by going to Pidgin->Help->About and in the Library support section you must see Perl: enabled. If Perl is not enabled then it might be provided by your distribution in a different package, search for something like pidgin-perl.

Also see the homepage of the project: - Jan 22 2010
Knotify for Pidgin

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Integrating Pidgin and KDE is a great idea.

But I thought it would be nice to have something that does not need compilation, i.e. a Perl plugin that does just this.

So I made one myself: - Jan 22 2010