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KDE 3.x Window Decorations
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes 347 comments

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Jan 03 2009
Very pleased with the look of this style!

I'm having one small issue with Evolution's calendar view - The mini-calendar in the side pane has a bright green border.

Sometimes, when I'm resizing it, the border flashes yellow. This seems like it could be a drawing bug. - Sep 07 2007
ObjectDock for KDE?

Various Stuff 19 comments

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Nov 19 2002
looks like stardock yoinked crystal to use in this 'dock' thingie.

blech. it's just a screenshot. - Nov 25 2002
IceWall Blue/Green/Orange

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Nov 25 2002
It uses global illumiation and caustics and has a high resolution - so it took a very long time. - Nov 25 2002
comments are welcome - i spent quite a while making this image. - Nov 24 2002

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Oct 09 2002
what software? - Oct 09 2002
did you paint the penguins and blend by hand or is this a render? looks smootha dn nice either way. - Oct 07 2002
Tux Engravin with Aqua Buttons

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Sep 30 2002
think different
is incorrect

that's why I made this - Sep 28 2002
Can you see the writing on the wall?

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Aug 03 2002
please tell me that the shape on the wall does not represent what I think t does. That is very scary. - Sep 05 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 4 comments

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Aug 12 2002
would be if you put in the original sentence.

please, think of the kittens... - Aug 12 2002
Crystal/Native Window Dec. Alpha

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 23 comments

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Aug 02 2002
not under gcc 3 it wont. - Aug 09 2002
just like kwinacqua, it resizes to fit your font size. reduce your font size and it will be slimm. - Aug 05 2002
if it didn't compile follow the directions under kwinacqua for remaking the .moc files.

cd to the ./acqua dirctory, then

rm *.moc
for i in *.h; do moc -o `basename $i .h` $i; done

in bash - Aug 02 2002
did you follow the kde 3 notes for the kwinacqua windec?

did it compile properly?

if it did, copy the ./acqua/.libs/ and ./acqua/.libs/ and./acqua/.libs/libkwinacqua.lai to the directory where the other windecs are held. this is located in different places in differend distros.

if you are running redhat 7.3 its at /usr/lib/kde3

then use kcontrol to change the windec.
- Aug 02 2002
alright guys, since you seem to like it, when I get home I'll change it's name, and jot down some instructions to install it.

It works great at this point, now that I realized how to get the titlebar smaller. The bar is resized to the size of your font, so just select a decent sized font and the widgets will seem better proportioned.

The effect for mousover is kind of subtle, but overall I think it's nice (course, i'm biased). The inactive icons, though, stink.

As for the buttons on the mock-up being larger, they aren't. I know cause I yoinked the original pixmaps from there :)

they just look bad in my shots becasue my titlebar fonts were to big. at luxi sans bold size 9-10 it looks in proportion.

Would you guys like to see a style too? If i do it, It won't be strictly according to the screenshot, but It will be in the same kind of direction, meaning whitish simple smooth widgets.
- Aug 02 2002
Kitten splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 15 comments

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Aug 07 2002
aww man

that had to be the funniest picture I've ever seen: "Please, think of the kittens!"

- Aug 07 2002
Crystal GT

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Jun 15 2007
hey guys, you might remember the nice fake screenshot that everaldo put up before he released any icons; well, I made a windec based on it, and it is sort of broken because I cannot code, so if anyone knows how to fix it so that it compiles on more systems let me know. - Aug 05 2002
K colours 1024x768

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Jul 11 2002
the render style (spec) looks like blender, or another scanline renderer. metaballs is probably what that deform is, at least that's the simplest way to make it. Nurbs or a good subsurf also might be it.

anyway, It's nice, is it supposed to imitate the office V.x logo? it kind of does, but you'd need more specularity for that, perhaps an envmap. - Jul 11 2002