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Mr Mad , Poland

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Jan 31 2007
I'm sorry to say that but current development is freezed.
See home page for details: - Feb 10 2007
Please post any bugs and issues
on the project tracker:
The users that have posted here bugs about:
1) nvidia 64 bits built failure
2) smp machines and timer issue

please repost them on the project tracker
cause some comments dissapeared from here and i'm unable to fix these issues. - Feb 03 2007
Does only I see only last two comments ? I need previous comments to investigate issues on smp and 64 bits !!! - Feb 02 2007
Yes it about the timer start it was intended to be like this. It'll be corrected in 0.2 version together with the smp fix. - Feb 02 2007
I don't know to which project are you referring to. This is a new project - I didn't found a 3D matrix for Linux or KDE at all. If so let me know such a project home page or app name. - Feb 01 2007
Oh .. I see 64bit system ... Ahh. I need to consider it - seems that it's nvidia issue ... Please wait. - Feb 01 2007
I didn't review the ebuild contributed
but this ebuild doesn't contain all dependencies necessary. new ebuild will
be included tomorrow. Please include opengl in your use flags. What type of video card are you using ? - Feb 01 2007