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Ditto Menu

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by adhe
Score 71.8%
Jun 29 2020
finally made it with those commands!Thank you so much for your patience.The menu is the best as expected,just what i was looking for! - Oct 06 2019
how did you install it? - Oct 02 2019
Hey,thanks for replying. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. When i install it with Add Widgets option it shows an empty icon with no name and when i drag it somewhere it does nothing. Also, when i try to install it manually it shows some errors and again,it shows only the icon,no name in the widget list. - Oct 02 2019
with -i it says : could not open package file and with -u it says : error: plugin is not installed. - Sep 20 2019
Hello,org.kde.plasma.dittomenu doesnt exist in ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids after installation. Also,i tried out plasmapkg2 -i org.kde.plasma.dittomenu.plasmoid and it shows some kind of error. I have also tried installing it from the option "install from file" but the next button is greyed out. Seems like noone can install this widget,if you can check it out, it would be great
- Sep 17 2019

GTK3 Themes 309 comments

Score 90.1%
13 hours ago
Sweet theme will not work as intended because the required Window Manager is not installed...I tried switching window managers but still same problem. Im using Ubuntu Mate 18.10...Also in appearance app, sweet's icon is a big question mark...can anyone help me?
- Dec 23 2018