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Denis Gottardello Trebaseleghe, Italy
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Aug 30 2018
Hi. If you want you can download the Mac package from my website.
The next step is to implement the remote ftp server.
have you got a Qt ftp component? I have heard that the ftp component has been removed from the official Qt package. - Dec 05 2013
Can you send me a screenshot? - Nov 15 2013
Ok for the word "Empty"
Are you interested to send me the polish translation?
Are you speaking about all BackpTo icons? I have found them in the iconarchive website. - Nov 15 2013
Please delete the row "qthverify.h" from file. - Sep 10 2013

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Feb 07 2018
Hi. Just now I have compiled BackupTo with Qt5.2 beta without any problems. Where have you found these deprecated apis? - Nov 26 2013