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Florent Verschelde
Amarok Themes
newdanna set (normal and lite version)

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by mpop
Score 50.0%
Sep 13 2005
Yes it's true that it's small...
Does someone know whether i can use standard system font sizes ? Or i should try to make a version for big screens (above 1024*768) - Sep 13 2005
From Amarok 1.2.2 on, you can just go into the amarok configuration, select appearance or something like that (it's the second tab) and then "install new style" (bottom right). Select the file you've downloaded, and it should be ok. - Sep 13 2005
this should be corrected by now - Sep 13 2005
Yes, finally it does look messy. So I switched back to normal mode. - Sep 13 2005
I tested floated divs on the new tracks section, and when I did it looked good, but that might be because all my recently added tracks were from the same album, so all the divs have the same widths...

I can switch it back to the old "one track = one line" layout
or put a "widht: 46%" for the divs so that there will always be two tracks for each line, whatever the content of each div is (long or short title)...

Anyway i'll try to correct that (and the thing with the Metadata history section, which I didn't style at all since I don't usually use it) in a few days. - Jul 03 2005
Blank Layout with system colours & fonts

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Score 50.0%
Nov 08 2005
After checking out the theme in amaroK, it appears that :
- it is based on the blank layout with crappy spacing (paddings)
- the crappy spacing is not that bad. It may be improved, but it's quite ok.

Anyway, why is this theme rated this low? I mean, it does not look perfect, but it's a really useful basis for theme designing. - Sep 13 2005
Thanks for doing it!

But did you use the light version of newdanna, or the totally blank layout (the one i had done with B&W colors)?

Because the blank layout had very poor spacing (paddings all to 5 or 10 px i think)... - Sep 13 2005
Chaninja-Subzero icons builder

Icon Sub-Sets 30 comments

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Sep 29 2005
These look awfully good. Please make sure you can get all the permissions you (we) need ! - Sep 13 2005
Rolling Olive (6 color schemes)

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Jul 29 2005
A few tips if you want to improve it :

- style the "file not in database" box (you see it if you play a file that is, well, not in your database...), with a padding-left so the text won't touch the border of the box, and with a input{width:100%; background: [the color of your box background]} so that the button won't go out of the box.

- style the Lyrics box with a padding-left as well.

- in the lyrics box, when the lyrics are too long your background image is not long enough, and this leaves a part of the box without a background. You can put something like that :
background: white url(yourimage.png) repeat-x top; [so that when the background image is finished, the background becomes just white]

Great job anyway... too bad i'm using blue colors for my kde :( - Jul 10 2005
Blank Layout

Amarok Themes 3 comments

by mpop
Score 50.0%
Sep 13 2005
Well this style is only a blank layout, and is not intended to be used as a style, but as a basis for new ones. I had to organize my CSS file in a proper way in order to make the New Danna (blue) style, and I thought that the structure of my CSS file could be used by others...

This raw version is not good enough that I would want to just improve the colours. Spaces (paddings, margins) and font sizes are not optimized.

But I will take a look at those CSS system colours. - Jul 03 2005