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Jerry Phelps Kansas City, United States of America
GTK2 Themes
Murrine GTK+ Engine for Fedora

GTK2 Themes 26 comments

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Nov 11 2010
Thank you so much for doing this. I had seen a lot of great themes lately but couldn't use them due to the fact that I was not running Ubuntu. You have made it possible and I appreciate the work you put into this. - Mar 24 2010
Equinox GTK Engine

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Apr 27 2011
I congratulate you on this update. Not a lot of themers would take the time to make the fixes and adjustments like you have esp for multiple distros.

Its much appreciated and the theme is great. - Mar 23 2010
I run Fedora 12 64bit on all 3 of my machines. After I compiled the engine I also had the issue of it couldnt be found.
so i did the following and it fixed it for me.

1. su - to root
2. I went to the location in /usr/lib/../.. where the engine was installed.
3. Once I found the two files, I did a "cp libequin* /usr/lib64/../.. to the 64bit location
4. I then applied the theme and it works perfectly for me.

Dunno if that will help anyone but it helped me.
- Mar 22 2010

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Mar 07 2010
Go to DeviantART and download it directly from there.... I just downloaded it that way.... heres the link

- Mar 03 2010

GTK2 Themes 117 comments

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Oct 28 2010
I dont know if its like this in Ubuntu but in Fedora my notification is grey not black like the rest of the gnome panel. Is there a way I can change this?

Love the theme btw. Great work. - Mar 01 2010
LOTR Distr

Wallpaper Other 42 comments

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Jun 05 2010
Yeah I thought it was strange as well. The above link worked great thank you - Feb 17 2010
but I am not able to save or download the Fedora version from several different computers.

Each one get stuck at /ee80ffe8fc14.tif. I cant right click or anything. - Feb 16 2010

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Jan 01 2010
I believe that is the menu from the opensuse distro - Jan 02 2010
Command Wolf - Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Dec 19 2009
What was the font used for the Ubuntu Linux in the upper left corner
- Dec 20 2009

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

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Mar 22 2010
Nice work.... Enjoy the theme.

Whos the female pic and where do I get a copy lol - Sep 16 2009
ReMiX (with 3 folder colors!)

Full Icon Themes 68 comments

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Oct 31 2009
ooops hit the wrong reply button LOL - Jun 30 2009
I think someone is a little sore about Maxo putting out a more complete icon set.

Maxo you did great. Where the Ma**up icons were so so, you have turned your work into a MUCH nicer icon set to use in linux. Thanks - Jun 30 2009

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jun 19 2009
screenshots look good but I dont read russian so I cant download to see for myself. - Jun 19 2009

Conky 930 comments

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Oct 17 2013
I do believe this is your best version yet! Looks a lot better! Well Done!
- Jun 17 2009
It works.... thanks! - Jun 17 2009
with hdtemp how do i monitor more then one hard drive? I have 4 lol - Jun 17 2009
Yeah that worked.. thanks.... will teach me to read the changes a bit closer lol - Jun 16 2009
Sure thing.... sorry for the late reply.

./conky-colors --cpu 2 --proc 5 --calendar --hd --meerkat --weather USMO0460 -i

I tried to take out a piece out here and there and it would still give me the same thing. - Jun 16 2009
on all three comps I have this running on I am now getting Segmentation faults when running ./conky-colors.
- Jun 15 2009

GTK2 Themes 228 comments

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Sep 23 2010
I do hope yall can make an emerald to this. I am really excited to see this theme come out. - Jun 11 2009
Looking great so far.... I am actually suprised nobody has done this before... - Jun 09 2009

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jun 03 2009
The cursor in the screenie there is called oxy-white. I use it and love it
- Jun 03 2009
"Magic: The Gathering" Icon

Single Icon/Logo 4 comments

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May 14 2009
all 5 if you dont mind.... :) - May 15 2009
is there any chance you have images of just the smaller circles? Like the punisher circle for example? - May 14 2009
Technix Ater Five

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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Feb 28 2009
Thanks! :) - Mar 01 2009
New Wave

GTK2 Themes 277 comments

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Dec 14 2009
Love this and even the orange too! lol...

I do use Fedora however and I was wondering if the orange can be replaced with the color blue from Fedora. I would do this myself but I dont know how to do it myself.

- Feb 23 2009
Playbill GTK and Emerald Themes

GTK2 Themes 38 comments

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Dec 09 2008

It was something on my end.... your theme is just great.... - Feb 15 2009
Like the theme....

However one little thing that is bothering me is the small while line that is at the top of the panel bar. If I move the panel bar to the top then the white line moves to the bottom.

Is it possible to get rid of this while line?
- Feb 15 2009
Overglossed Black

GTK2 Themes 19 comments

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Jun 02 2009
Bravo.... that looks much much better. You can definitely tell a difference in the two now...

well done - Feb 14 2009
I think your off to a great start.... also knowing and being willing to do additional work shows character.

I think its great the way it is with the exception of two things. The progress bar and the scrollbar. Black on black makes things hard to see. I often have to squint to see where the bar is on the scrollbar so I can move it.... maybe a little bit of lighter color might help with this... dunno. Its the same with the progress bar.

My two cents.... keep up the good work. - Feb 14 2009
New SlicknesS Theme 2009

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

by edren
Score 50.0%
Feb 04 2009
I was curious what font your using in that screenshot?
- Feb 04 2009
Raptor (Slickness remix)

GTK2 Themes 76 comments

by Eemo
Score 68.5%
Aug 31 2015
Loving your version of the theme but I am curious as to why my min/max/exit buttons do not look like the ones in the picture? - Dec 26 2008
LOTR Distr

Wallpaper Other
by GrafTrahula

Score 50.0%
Feb 17 2010