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Lars Behrens
Nice sounds, but too long... - Sep 19 2008
New System Sounds - Two sets

System Sounds by madsrh123 14 comments

Great sounds, thank you! - Sep 19 2008

Cursors by nikaa 31 comments

The hand cursor has no shadow here.

Cheerz - Oct 19 2005

Wallpaper Other by poule 3 comments

Have a look at Creative Commons License:

Cheerz - Sep 29 2005

Ice-WM Themes by bahsurman 2 comments

Hi there,

as an old BeOS fan, that's a windec i really like!
But alas, it doesn't work here, the parts of the window that should be transparent are grey or show multicouloured artefacts. Would it be necessary to enable composite? That doesn't work with xinerama.

And shouldn't the window title be left-justified? It is right-justified here, makeing the title bar wider than necessary.

Slackware 10 (current),
xorg 6.8.2 with xinerama

Mboy - Sep 09 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by arminstraub 178 comments

Really great kio-slave!. This adds a great amount of usability to KDE.
Thanx! - Jan 22 2005
Open Terminal Here As Root

Dolphin Service Menus by ibiibioha 6 comments

Thank you, I've always missed that but didn't know how to do it myself.

Cheerz Lars - Jan 01 2005
lipstik 1.1 for Slackware

KDE 3.5 Themes by rufuseddy 6 comments

It doesn't? It works for me. Anyone else have that problem?

Sorry, must be some misconfiguration on my side. With Konqueror I get some weird result (editor opening with name of tar file in it), it works with Firefox.

Nice style, you made! Looks good with active heart windeco...

Cheerz Lars - Dec 17 2004
lipstik 1.1 for Slackware

KDE 3.5 Themes by rufuseddy 6 comments


the download link doesn't work.

Cheerz Lars - Dec 17 2004