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KDE 3.x Splash Screens 244 comments

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Nov 06 2008
yes id does. my ISP isn't very reliable :)
i think i get it back some day.

just ask google for the sources -.-

- Nov 07 2008
so the installation works fine without errors?
if so, can u go to the splashscreen settings and launch the "test" mode? - Oct 12 2006
use your brain. this question was answered 50 times before. just read the previous comments.

you need at least the devel packages for kdebase - Jul 06 2006
Definitly have a look at "src/doc/THEMEOPTIONS".
there you could be able to find the neccessary options. - Jul 03 2006
not tried it, but it should be possible with the "SplashRect" option. maybe you'll have a look at the source (thememoodin.cpp).

sorry for the bad described theme options file. - Jul 03 2006
you need the X and KDE devel packages which contain the header files. (depending on your distribution, the names can vary). - Jun 24 2006
mng animations are planned for the next version. i can't say the date of release. sorry. - Mar 10 2006
i think we should use svg. thats right. a little slower, but in this case it should fit the most machines.

but please send me both for testing or maybe i'll add an option for slow machines (would be fair)

thank you!

just contact me:
(please use a BIG, SIGNIFICANT subject, my inbox is growing like never before :)) - Jan 16 2006
maybe try passing all paths to lib dirs manuallay with the --with-qt-dir options and so on - Jan 15 2006
i am thinking about a splash based on xforms (not rectangluar). for this, i need some nice, passiv, profressional looking "thing". the best would be some "K" or linux specific.

no special ideas. simply a nice funny tux could be the solution :)

and remember that its has NOT to be rectangluar. think of the tux with a translucent background or something.

i hope u can imagine what i mean. - Jan 14 2006
i see. currently i'm at work, so i don't have a chance to fix the problem now.

i'll do that this evening. - Jan 03 2006
in all themes?
make sure the theme contains a Background entry with only the filename given (without any path element) - Dec 08 2005
some adjustments to version 0.4.3 would be neccessary to make it stable.
but it would include MNG animations and progressbar support.

additionally i'm working on a style engine. at least, my job also takes time.

maybe you get it at xmas or as a present for 2k6 :) - Dec 05 2005
it was a mistake.
i forgot to disable the "announce update" option.

sorry for that - Dec 04 2005
i already have an account for 4 years. but thanks anyway :) - Nov 12 2005
yes i know that. depends on technical reasons. will be up again in the next 2-3 days. big sorry - Nov 02 2005
all this is coming up with the next version. i already obtained a kde account. - Oct 12 2005
try one of the following:
./configure --with-qt-includes=/usr/include/qt3 (if this is our path)
install qt3 dev packages (if not already done)
- Sep 21 2005
Hm, sounds strange but for now i won't fix this because the new version (which is coming soon) is completely rewritten. i hope that one works for you.

There's a lot of crap in the current versions, so please be patient. - Aug 30 2005
themeengine.h and so on are part of thee kdebase devel package. u'll need this too

btw: i've never tested to compile with qt4. tell me if it works - Aug 28 2005
thats sounds if some X dev files are missing or in an invalid path.

have you looked at config.log? - Aug 22 2005
there must be one in the source tree. its called THEMEOPTIONS (i think its in src/doc) .. but its really short n dirty at all .. sry, but a new small website is coming - Aug 16 2005
i didn't testet it with kde 3.2.
do you have dev files (kdebase-dev) installed?

if so, mail me your complete error log to so i can have a detailed look at it. - Aug 13 2005
send me your theme per mail. so i can have a look. - Aug 06 2005
the same way as on any other app. you need the development files for kde (here kdebase) - Jul 30 2005
you need the developement packages of kdebase containing themeengine.h and so on. - Jul 22 2005
just add:
deb ../project/experimental main

to your sources.list (as i did) and you'll get the latest kde 3.4.1 - Jul 18 2005
You need the experimental packages of KDE provided by debian - Jul 18 2005
i will update the complete script stuff next time :) sorry for that - Jul 16 2005
now it should work .. i've uploaded the wrong source package .. sorry - Jul 11 2005
Gentoo-Grey fbsplash

Bootsplash Various 18 comments

by alekz
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Oct 01 2006
can you please make a version without "" and "smile!" .. just the logo and progressbar!?

that would be great!

cya - Oct 03 2006
ksplash together

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 1 comment

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Jan 30 2006
... of kdm and this splash :) - Jan 30 2006
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba 342 comments

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May 17 2006
hi. if i run aio, the console gives me the following. i searched for a package providing this module and found only python2.4-minimal. but installing doesn't solve the problem.

here is what i get:

moodwrod@tibo (0) 01:20:29 PM 13:20:29
[~] superkaramba
^sys.path.insert(0, '/home/moodwrod/download/karamba/aero_aio.skz')
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/moodwrod/download/karamba/aero_aio.skz/", line 119, in ?
File "/home/moodwrod/download/karamba/aero_aio.skz/", line 101, in __globalimport__
File "", line 2, in ?
File "/home/moodwrod/.aero_aio/", line 1, in ?
import karamba, re, time, traceback, subprocess
ImportError: No module named subprocess

best regards,

christian - Jan 15 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 66 comments

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Sep 20 2005
i have problems with sorting: the command line says that sort() takes empty keywords in line 221, 282, 283 after commenting out these 3 lines it works but the half of my contacts is missing. the file "kopeteContactNames" also has trouble with the german umlauts. another prob is that the path to the theme backgrounds could not be found. i think there is a "/" missing 'cause it says: ~/download/karamba/ContactList.skzbg-themes/ please have a look at this. the applet is a really eye candy thx, bye - Oct 12 2005
i have named my contacts like this
[lastname], [firstname]

so you split by " " this causes my contactlist only to show

maybe u can fix this :)
btw: clicking on a nick opens a chat window would be great, too

greets - Aug 15 2005
Kubuntu Ultra Splash (Moodin)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 33 comments

by jbus
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Jan 30 2006
u can simply place:
Background = Background.jpg
in the theme file. this would set it to a fix file name.
sorry for the bad (not really existing documentation).

next version is coming soon. i was very busy the last time.

btw: great theme - Sep 23 2005
KBFX - Vista

Various Stuff 24 comments

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Aug 28 2005
search for taskbar2 on to have translucent taskbar entries (this feature is included in kde 3.5). maybe its already included in your distribution. its name could also be "mtaskbar"

sometimes kicker needs a restart to show all the stuff as u expect, so just invoke:
dcop kicker kicker restart
on the commmand line

i have no theme at all, but i can make one for you. just email me. thats no problem

cya - Aug 29 2005
i do it the same way, but i don't know how to change the hover and pressed images. and it seems to me, that it doesn't work always :) - Aug 29 2005
well, i don't want it to look like vista :) - Aug 28 2005
hm, i was amazed about that question :)
my windows look like every other windows with plastik windec and style. - Aug 28 2005
i have no windows installed. - Aug 28 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 16 comments

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Jun 30 2005
just go in test mode and do a fullscreen snapshot - Aug 20 2005
thank you ... it wasn't my intention :)

forgot to remove - Jun 30 2005
login-scan 'splash'

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 36 comments

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Oct 24 2005
i agree. looks much better than mine :)
look forward to moodin 0.4.3!
More effects will be available - Jul 26 2005
Variable Finger Print (Moodin)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 8 comments

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Jul 23 2005
first of all, THANK YOU because i can't see the green background anymore :)
apart from that i don't know if you use 0.4.1 or 0.4.2 of moodin engine but in 0.4.2 (or it depends on my current development version :)) the theme defaults fail.

well, the following two lines in Theme.rc fix that (only 0.4.2):

Background = Background.png
Label2 = ML:USER:loginname - Jul 22 2005
login-scan 'fusion'

KDM3 Themes 53 comments

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Aug 20 2005
really nice :)
feel free to "moodify" the theme itself :)

greets - Jul 21 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 96 comments

by saki
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Dec 13 2005
keep on working, but don't forget to update the changelog that we can see whats new.

last two updates, it was tricky to find out - Jul 21 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 12 comments

by VemeC
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Sep 24 2006
i really like it! - Jul 05 2005
Moodin (Engine) + Themes (for Gentoo)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 20 comments

by rok79
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Nov 15 2005
the background should fit your desktop resolution. if i try it out at my own pc it works.

which theme are you using? is it the same with all themes? - Jul 04 2005
Crystal Starfish

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

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Jun 30 2005
as i call them ;) - Jul 01 2005