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Arend van der Boom , Netherlands
Conky Basic MkII (Interactive)

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by Moob
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Sep 13 2017
Hi guys,

Not bad, busy as always :)

I had a look and have a fix. Still need to incorperated into the main code.
Look for line 1886 you will a line ' local adress =conky_own..blabla' with an ifconfig in it.
Make the line a comment and paste below the following:
local address =conky_ownpreexec("ip addr | grep -E"..iface.." | grep inet | grep -oE '[0-9]\{1,3\}\\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\/[0-9]{1,2}' | tr '\\n' ' ' | awk -F \"/\" '\{print $1\}'")
That should do the trick. - May 25 2019
hi guys,

Well I am still active only not much time these days for conky development.
I will see if I can test it on xfce desktop and see what is going on. - May 25 2019
Conky Lines

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by Moob
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Sep 11 2018
Good to hear that. I only have 4 cpu cores and tested with 8 by displaying the first 4 again. For displaying 12 cores you will need to alter conky_basic_cpu and adjust the layout accordingly. - Sep 12 2018
Uploaded a new version. The problem was the reading of the cpu_sensor function, this is removed for now. - Sep 11 2018
Well, I am able to reproduce the problem now. I have reinstalled Ubuntu 18 on my laptop and there I get the same error. The moment I set show_cpu to no the error is gone. Still have to figure out where it is going wrong though. - Sep 11 2018
Hmm not sure why. s is a variable in the cpu section. You could try adding a print statement to print the value of s and see what comes back. - Sep 04 2018
Oke, for the connections box I shorten the text when longer than x-character so it will fit into the box. Making the box wider is also an option. As for the CPU. It could have something to do with the fact that you have 12 cores. I only display 8 as a maximum. What you could do is goto line 418 and uncomment '--numofcpus=8' and chang it to 4 or 8 and see if then your CPU is displayed correctly. (the numofcpus is an debug value I put in to test for more than 4 cores, I only have 4 myself) - Sep 04 2018
I have uploaded version v0.5 which has the fix for the layout when CPU is not shown.
If you perform a cli of the lines 1063,1065,1324 and 1325 do you get a correct output ? - Sep 03 2018
Yes, when you do not display the CPU info the spacing changes. I will see if I can fix that.
You could check if you run the sensors command, with a commandline as shown in the code, to see what you get back. - Sep 03 2018
Just to be sure, row 1067 is the conky_basic_get_cpu_sensors function ? If you comment this out in detect_hardware, do you still get the error ?
As for bonding, seem to work now but I can't ping to the outside world. Still investigating why. - Sep 03 2018
I have uploaded a new v 0.4 version. I have tested this on the latest Debian Testing and Ubuntu 14. On thing though, I could create the bond interfaces and view them via 'ip addr' and conkylines displays the correct IP, the static bond0 IP, but for some reason I cannot connect to the Internet. This has to do with my lack of knowledge about debian and bonding interfaces. (don't use bonding myself)

So, I did not observe any strange things. ConkyLines start correctly on both systems. - Sep 03 2018
Hmm I have noticed the same thing right now, strange. I will pull the v0.4 update back and see what the problem is. - Sep 03 2018
I have just uploaded a new version which can handle bonded interfaces. - Sep 03 2018
I don't test on bonded interfaces, so that might be the problem. I will see if I can test it. - Sep 02 2018
if you change line 1107 to, local address =conky_ownpreexec("ip addr | grep -E"..iface.." | grep inet | grep -oE '[0-9]\{1,3\}\\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\\.[0-9]\{1,3\}\/[0-9]{1,2}' | tr '\\n' ' ' | awk -F \"/\" '\{print $1\}'") it should be working - Sep 02 2018
My guess is that ifconfig is not installed when performing a standard installation of Debian Testing. This also is the case with Ubuntu 18.04. There you can install ifconfig with the ' sudo apt install net-tools' command. Alternative is to rewrite the code to use 'ip addr' which is always available. - Sep 02 2018
Thanks autocrosser. That's were it's for, to tinker with it :) - Dec 04 2016
Conky Basic

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by Moob
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Sep 11 2017
Thanks soudrolf. - Dec 04 2016
..and I also put the scroller into the lctextc function. So if the text is more then the tab width, it starts to scroll it. - Nov 14 2015
Glad to hear it works :)

In the new version I changed the scroller. Now it continuously scrolls and I added a step parameter so you can enter the number of characters to scroll.

If you want to use it, just copy the new scroller function in your code. - Nov 14 2015
[Is there a way to make it scrollable ..]
You indeed could use conky_wired_scroller for this. This function uses separate global variables (info.scrollcounter,info.scrollcounterstart,info.scrolltextlength) to keep track of the scrolling. Which actually only moves the contents of a text buffer around and then displays it. Because system info already uses this function I don't know if this will work when scrolling other text. That needs to be tested. But you could create a second scroller function with separate variables if it does not work.

[This conky makes fun to work on it.]
Thanks for the complement. I don't like going through lots of code just to change some setting. That is why I made it the way it is, and its fun to do. Its always a challenge to create clear understandable code which makes extending it by others easier.

As for extra Audacious information. I already have a test running with a separate user preference where one can choose to display it or not. Still in testing mode though :) - Nov 10 2015
Nice work soundrolf. I will see if I can integrate this in Conky Basic.

- Nov 10 2015
Hi soundrolf, Audacious detection is added. - Nov 09 2015
I will check if audacious can be added. - Nov 08 2015
[bars into some of my circle conkeys] You mean like circulair VU bars of some sort ? That would be nice :)

I was testing your System Bar on a virtual Ubuntu with 2 CPU's and it first failed as it was gathering info on 4 CPU's. So I uncommented the auto CPU detection. I you want to the user be able to limit the number of CPU's shown I would suggest to make a user preference of it. Like you did with the CPU/GPU temperature and netinfo tabs.

The purple theme does not seem to work. You need to add a themes.purple={.627,.321,.176} with the wanted colour schemes. Then it will work fine.

Keep on the good work :)
- Nov 08 2015
Nice addition soundrolf - Nov 04 2015
Thanks :)

Well, I tried to make it as generic as possible that's why the swap is in it. Some will use it and some won't. I have 8GB internal memory but no swap use although my swap is activated.

As for the % and C values. The easiest way to go is to create a copy of conky_wired_bar and name it conky_wired_bar_temp and change the % sign to a C sign. Another option would be to extend conky_wired_bar with an extra parameter like in ' type' which could be a ' %' or a 'C'. The disadvantage is that you need to alter every wired_bar reference in the code.

I like your port tab. In a new conky layout I am working on I want to integrate this also. Insteadoff all single lines you could use a for loop.
This is the code I use:
local sessions = tonumber(conky_parse('${tcp_portmon 1025 65535 count}'))
local maxrows,step = 19,0
local remoteip,remoteaddrr = "",""
local maxstrlen = 48

-- start with the last session, not the first
for i=sessions,(sessions-maxrows),-1 do
if i < 0 then
remoteip=conky_parse('${tcp_portmon 1025 65535 rip '..i..'}')
remoteaddrr=conky_parse('${tcp_portmon 1025 65535 rhost '..i..'}')
local lgt = string.len(remoteaddrr)
-- fqdn longer then width, shorten it
if lgt > maxstrlen then
local strdiff = lgt - maxstrlen
remoteaddrr = "..."..string.sub(remoteaddrr,strdiff,-1)
-- no fqdn, use ip
if lgt == 0 then
end - Nov 04 2015
Thanks, hope you enjoy ConkyBasic :) - Nov 03 2015
hi soundrolf, I have just put a new version online which has a Radiotray tab. Just enable the user preference to make the tab visible. - Nov 03 2015
[For some reason my /home is being shown as a separate "Root"--not sure why.]
I only checked for the existance of a forward slash in a mountpoint name so it also caught /home as well.
On row 866 change the if statement in "if string.len(v) == 1 and r == 1 then" should fix that.
I will add this fix in the next release.

[what is the easiest way to shuffle the order of the segments?]
At the top of the code you find several "if show_memory == "yes" then [[code]] end" blocks to determine if a tab must be shown or not.
To rearrange the order of the tabs just cut and past a "if show_* then [[code]] end" block and place it below or above an other if/end block.

If you want to put a tab above the 'Processor' tab change the starty variable in the conky_wired_tab_cpu call to "rety+tabvsep"
I will add this change in the next release

I will add the "own_window_argb_visual = true" configuration option in the next release

Thanks for your feedback. - Nov 03 2015
hi soundrolf, I have a raw version working at the moment, still need to do some fine-tuning though about displaying text.

When it's ready I put it in the next version. - Nov 02 2015
Well, a quick and dirty workaround did the trick. In the .conkybasic_c110 file I put a ${cpu cpu1} call and set it offscreen. Then the lua part gets correctly processed and displays the CPU cores in Conky 1.10.0 - Nov 02 2015
Well, spoke to soon. v0.5 still does work with ${cpu cpu2). Strange things is that if you put that same command in the TEXT [[]] in the rc file, the lua part works. Don't ask me why.

I will look if the radio part is possible autocrosser :) - Nov 02 2015
To bad :(
I had the same error about 'conky: attempting to use more CPUs than you have!' and thought I had it fixed. It does seem to work on my Ubuntu 15.10 though. You could try to set the squash_cpu option.

Otherwise it's time to go back to version 1.9.0 - Nov 01 2015
I've just put the new version online which I tested on Ubuntu 15.10 with Conky 1.10.0 Should work on your system also, hopefully :) - Nov 01 2015
Yep, that's the price of living on the edge :-)

The $pre_exec, for 'limit must be a number' errors I solved but now it keeps giving me errors on cpu. For some reason ${cpu cpu0} works wel but ${cpu cpu1} keeps on exiting conky

Still busy testing on conky 1.10.0 - Nov 01 2015
Well, it's definitively a conky version problem. Just updated my test system to Ubuntu15.10 which has conky 1.10.0 and I've got all the errors you described, $pre_exec, for 'limit must be a number' etc.

I will look in to it to see what needs to be changed.

In the mean time this script will only function correctly with conky version 1.9 - Nov 01 2015
If you change the code into the following:
hardware.cpucores =tonumber(conky_parse("${pre_exec cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'processor' | wc -l}"))
for i=1,hardware.cpucores do

Do you still get the 'as a number' error message than ? - Nov 01 2015
Strange that you get all those error messages while on my system I get no error message at all.

I will see if I can test my script with conky 1.10 as it complains about the top_right parameter in the conkyrc file. My guess is that it has something to do with a difference between conky versions. - Nov 01 2015
Hi autocrosser,

Thanks for the information. I have just uploaded a new version which hopefully will display core i7 procs correctly :)

The informational tabs are now in their own functions, so they can be reused. Maybe this is what you need ? - Oct 31 2015
Glad to hear you found the problem. I only have a core i5, with only 4 cores, to test with.
Could you send me the output of the following commands ?
cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep 'core id'

I like to have end-users only do a minimum of configuration themselves, that's why I use detect hardware functions.
Do you mean a way to enable hardware detect functions. As in 'detect_cpu=yes/no' , 'detect_hdd=yes/no' ?
- Oct 30 2015
or comment out
-- conky_parse("${if_existing /proc/devices nvidia}${lua_parse check_nvidia

so it never gets checked. - Oct 29 2015
hi autocrosser,

I only have one nvidia card in my system, more had as my system died on me. I could be that something goes wrong with detecting multiple nvidia cards.

You could try to changing info.nvidiacard="no" in the conky_check_nvidia function so it nevers detect it and see if you than can start conky

I am using conky 1.9.0 and lua 5.2 - Oct 29 2015
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