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Blake Drager San Francisco, United States of America
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GTK2 Themes 4 comments

by lyrae
Score 50.0%
Mar 05 2007
Nice theme!

Just one question: how can I make my toolbars all text and minimalist like yours?? Thanks! - Mar 06 2007
Gnome Kumarakom Flower

Nature 2 comments

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Jun 14 2006
is that a heliconia? - Jun 14 2006

System Sounds 36 comments

Score 46.0%
Aug 14 2006
rar is nonfree. - May 19 2006
Drops in the net

Wallpaper Other 16 comments

by tichy
Score 63.3%
Oct 05 2009
Personally, I think drops are a great symbol for open source software... the way water droplets will join together to make a bigger drop, and the bigger drops form together to make an even bigger drop... eventually you have a river :) - May 17 2006
Ted Braun

XMMS Skins 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 17 2006
spam on gnome-look... have these bots no shame? - Mar 18 2006

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

Score 56.0%
Aug 23 2006
nice to see a theme that isnt just a another clearlooks variant.. keep working on this one! - Dec 31 2005
Water Vapor

GTK2 Themes 75 comments

Score 50.0%
May 19 2006
Glad you like it.

I am still developing this theme-- I've just been very busy lately so I haven't dedicated much time to it. After the holidays expect a major update!

Next release should include:

- More scrollbar work-- mainly redoing the arrow buttons.

- I feel like the tabs need more work too.

- A colorpack - I'm going to start with a clean, boring black/grayscale pack first.

- the radio buttons and checkboxes need major work as well.

- I'm not sure what else.. suggestions for improvement are appreciated!

As far as porting to cairo, I'd love to at some point. Right now it's based on the pixmap theme engine, and I think to get the effect I want I'm going to have to use a different engine or build my own..? So to answer your question, yes, at some point I will port this to a different engine, and it would be excellent to make it a cairo/glitzy theme.. i'd love to add some animation a la the recent clearlooks animation hacks. - Dec 17 2005
Well.. yeah. I do a lot of audio and graphics processing, so I basically built this computer to kick ass.

This box is an amd64 3500+ 2.2 Ghz, 1 gb ram, nvidia 5200 w/ 128 mb. Pretty powerful computer, but relatively weak video card. Running a highly tweaked amd64 Ubuntu Breezy.

It's damn fast. People who say 64-bit computing isn't worth the trouble must not do much audio/video/graphics rendering.

The screenshot is a little misleading though. The first test (16.60s) was Water Vapor, and the second (9.12s) was a Clearlooks theme. I did that for comparison sake. I should have specified that somewhere.

Can you give me the full results of gtkperf so I can try and optimize the theme? - Nov 15 2005
Thanks. There is absolutely no reason why the background to your menus should look different than the screenshot... I think something is b0rked with your system. Try running "rm -r ~/.gtk*" to clear your gtk configuration, then set your theme again. Let me know if that works.

As far as the panel bug goes, I get that too; it happens when you have the "hide buttons" enabled. An easy fix is to go into the panel-properties->background tab, then instead of using "None (use system theme), use "Background Image", and point it to the panel_background.png in the /Water_Vapor/gtk-2.0/ folder. Hopefully I'll figure out a better way to do this soon. - Oct 14 2005
You could try commenting out line 26 in the gtkrc, it should read " bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "brushed.png" " This doesn't really do much for the theme, just slows your box down. Just erase the line altogether.

Some people have reported that turning off font anti-aliasing improves performance a lot... but then your fonts will look like crap.

Otherwise... get more RAM and/or a new video card ;) You can get memory so cheap these days... - Oct 07 2005
Thanks everyone for all the feedback... keep it coming. I'd like to keep improving this. Here's my comments on issues people have brought up:

1.] The Scrollbar - Yep, it's pretty much crap. I'm gonna redo it completely for v 0.6

2.] Menu Borders - Personally, I'm a big fan of the menu borders. It connects the menu with the pressed button and gives a nice outline. If you can't stand it, make a white png with dimensions 24x21, name it menu_background.png, and move it into the gtk-2.0 folder.

3.] Tooltips - Yup, these will be changed in the next release as well. I've been meaning to redo these for some time now.

4.] Titlebar Text on Insensitive Windows - Yeah. The metacity theme needs a lot of work. If you don't like it just use a different one for now, I recommend MoreIndustrial and Clearbox-In. - Oct 03 2005
Which text are you referring to? The titlebar text? - Sep 30 2005
I fixed the issue that caused that error, it will be released with the next update. However, I'm not 100% sure it will fix your crashes... were you getting those errors when gnome-panel started up or when it was actually crashing? - Sep 29 2005
Maybe the people who are all marking my theme as "bad" would be so kind as to tell me why it's bad, so I can improve it? - Sep 25 2005
What version of gnome are you running? I developed this on 2.12 so I don't know how well it works with everything else..?

Also, if you run "killall gnome-panel;gnome-panel" in a terminal, then reproduce the crash, are there any gtk error messages? - Sep 24 2005
It's called Zekton Bold, and I don't recall where I acquired it. - Sep 23 2005
Thank you for the feedback & criticism-- the more people criticize, the better I can make the theme...

I just fixed one of those three issues, with the active path button in nautilus. I just darkened the border around the button, I think that gives a better indication that it is the "active" button.

Regarding the other two issues, I will fix them in time. I'm not yet sure how to fix the dead buttons with the dots, but I'll look into it. I had kind of intended the fuzziness on the stock (toolbar) buttons, as the theme is supposed to have an airy, easy on the eyes, (while also hi-tech and practical) feel to it. I'm sure I can improve the icons, however-- I suppose blurriness isn't easy on the eyes at all. :-/ I could easily just sharpen them, but I think I'd prefer to just redesign all the icons... so that will have to wait until version 0.5.

Thanks again. - Sep 21 2005
Gimp has been using GTK2 for some time now. Maybe when I'm done with this theme I will port it to GTK1, but don't hold your breath. - Sep 13 2005
it's called Clearbox-In - Sep 13 2005
NOTE: DO NOT APPLY this patch as of version 0.2! It will b0rk the theme in a major way.

I appreciate the patch toby, but next time would you mind just using diff and sending the patch to me? it's just more tidy that way. thanks. - Jul 29 2005

i was just trying to save gnome-look some bandwidth... ah well. - Jul 28 2005

Application Font: Trebuchet
Window Title Font: Zekton Bold
Desktop Font: Zekton - Jul 28 2005
Metacity: MoreIndustrial
Icons: Crystal Clear

They should both be on this site somewhere... - Jul 27 2005
Water Vapor

Metacity Themes 8 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 29 2005
no.. I will port it when I finish it. Right now it's slow, buggy, and not nearly as nice looking as I'd like it to be. Stay tuned! - Nov 23 2005
Hmm. The Pixmap theme engine is pretty limited. It's slower than others, it renders insensitive icons in a very ugly way, and it is very stifling for a designer. Easy to use but restrictive.

Anyway, WV should perform just as well or better than Glossy P. If anything, the file sizes are smaller. I get perfect performance, but I'm on a sick box. It even runs decently on my old PIII 800 though...

Try #commenting out line 26 of the gtkrc, "bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "brushed.png" and let me know if that helps.

Also I'd recommend upgrading to gnome 2.12 if you haven't already-- there is a huge performance increase.

Cheers. - Oct 05 2005
use the following .xml file in place of the one supplied with the theme: - Sep 30 2005

GDM Themes 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 30 2005
this looks really nice. unfortunately i can't download it cause youve used up all your bandwidth. - Sep 30 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 17 comments

by JoelM
Score 50.0%
Oct 16 2005
this is a great start... keep up the good work, i'd really like to see this set finished! - Sep 24 2005

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 1 comment

by nayib
Score 50.0%
Sep 22 2005
I like the circles but the Gnome text whooshing by looks cheesy to me... just my opinion. I like the colors and every thing else... if this didn't have the text and I used a splash screen, there's a good chance that I would use this ;) - Sep 22 2005