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Kurt Maloy
Google Calendar Screenlet

Conky by boamaod 86 comments

For starters, let me say this is a great screenlet and I love it!

I had the same problem that others have had, where the screenlet appeared to be working fine except no events were showing up. I made sure my python-gdata ppa was correct, and upgraded, and also re-installed the screenlet several times with no luck.

I eventually found the following error in my GoogleCalendarScreenlet.log file:
"/usr/share/screenlets/GoogleCalendar/ PangoWarning: pango_layout_set_markup_with_accel: Error on line 7: Entity did not end with a semicolon; most likely you used an ampersand character without intending to start an entity - escape ampersand as &

I then found that one of my calendar events had an ampersand (&) in it, so I changed the "&" to the word "and", in that one event, and then all of my upcoming events appeared in the screenlet.

I hope this helps somebody else. - Dec 24 2011