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Michał Kosmulski
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Fonts 8 comments

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May 21 2004
Unfortunately, I'm a bit busy right now, so I don't think I'll be able to add new characters any time soon. But of course if someone's willing to contribute, they can and are welcome to. - Dec 04 2006
Actually, these are the Polish letters ć,ś and ź but due to the font's appearance, they look like č, š and ž :) - Dec 04 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 58 comments

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May 29 2006
Another thing I would like to see would be for current icon to be selected when the dialog is opened. Currently even if there is already some icon selected e.g. in the application properties dialog box, once you open the icon selector there is no indication of which icon is selected. This makes it hard to revert to the previous icon if you clicked OK but later changed your mind - when you opened the dialog first time you didn't even get any chance to find out the icon's name or location. - Feb 23 2006
SSS (Screen Saver Stopper)

Utilities 9 comments

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Oct 04 2006
Most probably, your Kommander is too old. Check what the output of
kmdr-executor --version
is. It should be at least 1.1development1 (or perhaps 1.1development2 if I missed something :) ). If your version is older, you should try upgrading KDE or downloading Kommander alone (from - Jun 21 2005
Don't worry, I didn't feel belittled :) Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, in order to make SSS an applet, I would have to rewrite it in C++, as applets aren't possible with Kommander afaik (yet), so I don't think I'll do it in the nearest future. It is, however, possible to put SSS in the system tray by modifying the .desktop file (right-click, choose Properties, in the Application tab choose Advanced Options and select 'Place in system tray'). Unfortunately, I haven't found any way of disabling the taskbar entry , so the icon is only visible in the system tray and not in the taskbar. - Jun 21 2005
As a matter of fact, SSS also uses DCOP to control kscreensaver (xscreensaver uses a different mechanism). However, the advantage of having a window instead of just icons is that you get feedback on whether the screensaver is enabled or disabled at any given moment. Regards,
Michal - Jun 20 2005

Education Apps 22 comments

by mimec
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Dec 04 2012
I really like this app. A little KDE-ification (adding the KDE file dialog etc.) would make it even better, though. Any way: good job. - Jun 19 2005
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes 280 comments

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Mar 10 2008
The download link for version 0.5 seems to be broken. After searching the wiki, I found out that works for me. - Dec 13 2004

Developers Apps 57 comments

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Nov 02 2009
Please add a link to the Kommander page on (preferably the files section) here. I have been advising people who had problems with 1.1development2 to get 1.1development1, but there's no link on this page to get any version but the latest, so adding it would be nice. - Dec 03 2004
Set CD-ROM Speed

Utilities 15 comments

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Oct 04 2006
Your wish is fulfilled with Set CD-ROM Speed 1.1.0. - Nov 29 2004
That's a good idea. I just added support for showing descriptive names to version 1.0.3. This works for IDE drives only at the moment since I don't have any SCSI devices or SCSI emulation for IDE to test with, but the majority of people have IDE/ATAPI drives anyway. - Nov 23 2004
Do you have a recent version of Kommander installed ? This program requires Kommander 1.1development1 or newer (some people have trouble compiling 1.1development2, so you may want to try 1.1development1 first). - Nov 21 2004

System Software 12 comments

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Feb 17 2004
Really cool ! There seems to be too much latency, though. The guy's still almost dead five seconds after cpu usage dropped from 100% to 0%. Maybe there should be an option to change the update interval ? - Jun 27 2004