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Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 703 comments

I pulled the link in from the desktop which came directly from the KDE menu > Internet > Firefox Web Browser.
When i type "firefox" in the terminal it comes up with my homepage of The only time it comes up with is when i click on firefox from ksmoothdock. So the command in ksmoothdock is "firefox %u" and when i type this into a browser it brings up So i removed the "%u" and it works fine now.

Very strange error. - Jan 18 2006

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 703 comments

Thanks for the great improvement to KDE. I have added firefox to the quick launch menu which works fine except for everytime i open firefox it goes directly to Now since i have never been to that website and my homepage is set to I cant understand this at all.
Any ideas and to whats up with this. certainly has me stumped.

Thanks - Jan 17 2006
XMMS Skin - SeaMaster

XMMS Skins by ArbitraryReason 12 comments

I like the XMMS skin that you have posted. but i was wondering what program is that to the left of XMMS. It looks like it could be gkrellm but i have never seen a skin like that. - Jan 17 2006
login-scan 'fusion'

KDM3 Themes by rokkford 53 comments

I have installed your theme with no problems. I also installed the "login-scan-splash" and KDM Theme Manager without problems.
But when i try to login as root with this theme it says in a popup box "root logins not allowed".

Any ideas as to why this is???
thanks - Jan 17 2006
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

Which package works on Fedora Core 4. I dont which one to download/install.
Thanks - Aug 18 2005