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Matt JD , Canada
Plasma 4 Extensions

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Dec 10 2008

Just wanted to let you know, changes in trunk require more information in the .desktop files for the data engines. Otherwise, your fork looks really good!

MJD - Dec 11 2008
System Load Viewer

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by MJD
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Mar 04 2009
Thank you for your package! Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to upload it myself. If you don't mind, I can add your link to the list, but I have nowhere to place the file personally. - Jul 23 2008
Currently I'm unable to reproduce this bug. Can you post/email me the output of the files /proc/stat and /proc/meminfo? - Mar 01 2008
I posted the link. Thank You! - Feb 14 2008

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Aug 03 2008
Just having a quick look over your build log, it appears the file to find kde is not found by cmake. It looks like KDE is installed properly, so I'd bet the problem is that there is some environment variable not being set for the current build. My only suggestion would to be to source /etc/profile before starting the plasmoid build. Hope that helps! - Jul 18 2008

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Feb 16 2008
Thanks for the great plasmoid!

I created a patch (available from to add a config dialog to edit the basic physics parameters. - Jan 21 2008