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John Holbrook
Silver XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 62 comments

I really liked the Gold Cursor but I find this one much less distracting (but still damn good looking!!).

Thanks again. - Mar 27 2003

Wallpaper Other by deneme 8 comments

Any more pictures like that one?

Could you come out with a 1024X768 version also? - Dec 02 2002
Memphis 2002

Icon Sub-Sets by elhay 23 comments

Please don't stop making these icons. They're very very good. Its nice to see some 'non-blue' icons.
- Nov 19 2002
at the kde bar

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by fop 4 comments

I'm not sure why..but I like this wallpaper.

Its not the usual blue background that seems to be the norm around here.

If I can make a couple of suggestions..

Maybe make the kde sign in the window a little bigger and maybe 'zoom' more into the two characters so they take up more of the picture - not so much empty black area. - Sep 11 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 28 comments

Great icons. But could you also produce them in the other sizes? I always have icon zooming on so I only see your great icons when zoomed.

- Aug 27 2002