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Firefox Fanboys - Go Away

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by gcwds
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Apr 23 2010
You remind me of a retard I use to know...ADZ?

If not, you're just another 12 year old. You're too young to be on the internets, go back to preschool. - Apr 23 2010
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

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Jan 16 2013
crap, sorry for double post :o - Oct 06 2009
'ello, I'm using Nitrogen with window-borders turned _off_, and when "Scrollbars on the outside" is ticked the result is the edge of the scrollbar touches the window edge, which doesn't look that great.

Any chance of either adding an option to configure padding around scrollbars, or better yet, configure the width of the actual "slider", not the entire scrollbar (slider + track)? - Oct 06 2009
'ello, I'm using Nitrogen with window-borders turned _off_, and when "Scrollbars on the outside" is ticked the result is the edge of the scrollbar touches the window edge, which doesn't look that great.

Any chance of either adding an option to configure padding around scrollbars, or better yet, configure the width of the actual "slider", not the entire scrollbar (slider + track)? - Oct 06 2009

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Apr 25 2013
Oh, sorry, exact KDE version:

==> List all installed packages
kdemod-unstable/kdemod-kdebase 4.2.70-1 - Apr 21 2009
I can confirm this:

* qt 4.5
* kde 4.3 trunk (kdemod-unstable)
* bespin r451 - Apr 21 2009
Also, i'm using kde 4.3 trunk, and konqueror crashes whenever there are multiple instances/windows of it, and if I close one of the windows.

[url=]Here's[/url] a backtrace.

Crossfade is on, haven't tried turning it off, I'll do that in a sec - Apr 20 2009
i would tend to agree, I *am* using bespin, but particularly because of the menubar, not really anything else. ;P It's a little rough around the edges.. and I mean that both literally and figuratively.

The scrollbars seem thrown together (I tried all 4 modes, none of them are aesthetically pleasing.. could we just get an aqua style inlay plz? I know you hate Aqua, but at least it would be better than the current state :|), the depressed button-tab thingies on sidebars (not sure what the right term is for those) and the group box button thingies (the fugly brownish thingies on amarok playlists.. what the heck are they supposed to look like?)...

Dont' mean to hijack this comment, but I just wish you could add as an alternative to the default bespin style a few others. ;P I for one would love to see qtcurve, or something similar to the Aurora GTK engine but more compact. - Apr 20 2009
Hm ok, thanks for explaining each point.

As for 5): Here is my Style.conf:

Also, it would be really awesome if you could make an option to make the menu hover/selected squared instead of rounded, so they look good if menus are set to squared, not rounded. Atm, this only works if the menu item is set to Glassy, as you can see here:

I would much prefer it to be set to the Button gradient style, since that doesn't look as uber-glossy, and also selected/pressed menu buttons use it no matter what, so it looks out of place in submenus - but I can't, since by setting to Button it becomes round again.

Also, my shadows are set to max (350%) but I can still barely see them, and sometimes it looks like they're enot even there. Any tips or should I just live with it? ;P - Apr 03 2009
Also, just a few more requests now that I think of them:

1) The rounded corners are not antialiased and look fugly sometimes, pixellated and all, yet the default ozone decorations aren't as bad. Why, and can it be fixed?

2) I personally think the Aqua interface is a lot different than what bespin is aiming at, e.g., the round circle hole thingies on tabs.. supposed to be a close tab button, but imo it just looks horrid. Any chance in the future there will be an option to use the default oxygen icons instead of those grayscale icons? It might jive better with KDE since everything else in KDE is bright and vibrant...

3) I don't really like the scrollbar tracks.. the slim 1 px thing is what I'm using now, but the other groove mode is nice, except that at the top and bottom it seems to be "chopped off" - any chance in a true aqua like groove?

4) GTK and root apps seem to have blue windecs, wwhich is taken from the color set in systemsettings - but if I make the active window decorations color to a gray matching the window color, and the text color to black, *normal* apps that used to look normal with bespin windecs BEFORE now are unreadable because the text color of the active titlebar is the same color as the titlebar itself. i hope that makes sense.

5) As requested 9999999 times before, any chance of different window buttons in the future? ;P Maybe slightly larger, with a darker gradient, like a classy mac theme i can think of.

Also: on KDE 4.3 trunk, crossfading tabs works like a charm without crashes. :D - Apr 03 2009
f-f-f-f-FACEPALM. Sorry. Entirely my fault on this, as usual. It wasn't that it was an old bespin, it was just I was thick enough not to notice the settings. Apparently turning off backlight brings that circle thing over comoboboxes, and making tab background to glass makes the active tab also glass. ;P Sorted now. - Apr 03 2009
1) Yes i know... which bespin -> /usr/bin/bespin always. Also I'm on Arch, and using kdemod, so it's not installed on /opt or anything, prefix is /usr.

2) Yes.. I checked lsof | grep bespin and all of them point to the right one, e.g., /usr/lib/qt/plugins/styles/ which IS installed everytime I make install from svn trunk.

I did a make uninstall too, and then a make install, but still, old bespin. :( - Apr 03 2009
1) /usr/local/bin is not in my PATH before /usr/bin, and bespin was installed there, so no probs there. I also deleted bespin from there and reinstalled, but I *still* see the old config

2) I installed over again, noted down the paths which it installed do, and deleted every single *.so or anything it installed, and reinstalled over again. Still does not work, I get old bespin. :( - Apr 03 2009
Bah...sorry for the spam, but no idea where else to post this, if there is some IRC support channel let me know. :P

Basically in the mess of multiple bespin "installs" (e.g., archlinux packages on top of my own manual builds on top of archlinux packages... don't ask), I am now left with apparently an old bespin, even though I tried to start from scratch by removing the packages and building manually. By old I mean: those circles on listbox arrows don't appear anymore, the config is back to what it used to be (/usr/bin/bespin... even when i manually build, it says it installs to /usr/bin/bespin, but it's always the same old one.. not the new one I was using a while ago ?!!?) - I know this is a system problem, but any clues as to what I should do? :P This time there are 0 packages installed, it's just a manual build. I tried deleting /usr/bin/bespin and reinstalling from svn, but it was the same old one again...I'm clueless at this point, and missing the new bespin features :( - Apr 01 2009
Ok, thanks :)

Also.. just ntoiced this... if I create a new panel on top, and then put xbar in it, then try to put a digital clock in (e.g., I want it to be on the far right), the xbar widget appears to take up 10 px of space while the digital clock takes the rest, leading to not only an alignment problem, but potential overlapping of text if there's a long-enough menu. I think this is an only 4.3 issue, but it's so annoying o.O - Mar 29 2009
Just installed kdemod-unstable (4.3 trunk) and using bespin, and noticed a few things:

1) Sometimes tabs of active/inactive windows are "underlined", e.g., the text becomes underlined. No idea what is causing this, but it looks fugly.

2) Samething happens in listviews/combo boxes/thumbnails (e.g., in dolphin) sometimes, there's a blue 1px line on an item after you select it.

Also Xbar seems to not center again, because with new trunk there must have been some changes in the way widgets center in a panel, so I have to have a bigger top panel in order to fit the Kmenu in without having it (or other widgets, like clock, RTM plasmoid, which I have in the topbar with Xbar) touch the border of the panel, making everything look fugly again. Hope I made myself clear - basically would be nice if Xbar could detect the size of the panel it's in, and based on that center, and then paint the menus further away to compensate for the text moving down (if that makes sense). I don't know if that's possible at all, but would be cool. :) - Mar 29 2009
thanks, that fixed konqueror :)

And well, oxygen was always nice.. if it followed system icons that's ideal. it looks so out of place now with other apps.

And for the sliders, I know, but would have been nice if it could be something else, like, hilight, so it stands out better and looks more like aqua.

another question lol (sorry to bug you :D) - is it possible to make the buttons configurable, so they aren't that blurry when "grayed out", or when you hover they don't grow in size? It looks semi-cool, but they look so blurry when hovering it looks fugly imo. Would be nice if it was like a luminous (sp?) effect or smth. just an idea.. - Mar 26 2009
also would it be possible to make an option to change the color for the slider? :P would be nice to have it hilight, for a true mac-ish feel - Mar 26 2009
Sorry for delay.

Fonts seemed to have fixed themselves, and yes I am using QT 4.5 (have been for ages):

[~/Documents]|6> y -Q qt
==> List all installed packages
kdemod-core/qt 4.5.0-3

The konqueror thing is just about the only thing that's annoying me so far, and also the fugly arora (those icons look horrible, tbh :P). - Mar 26 2009
Ok updated to latest trunk (433), and noticed a number of things:

1) How do I turn off that fugly oval shape thing around arrows in combo boxes?

2) Half my windows decorations are borked. Systemsettings for example has blue decorations. I have the ignore style hints thing unchecked. I tried muddling with teh colors, but that only makes it a solid color.

3) Fonts are totally borked - I use Bitstream Vera Sans at 10 pt at 75x75 dpi, and fonts on focused tabs are totally ugly (looks like they're over-aliased sometimes, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what.. I can screenshot later)

4) Some apps, like rekonq or konqueror, for the tabbar the black background is gone - instead just a window-color. Works in other apps like dolphin though.

So I rollbacked to 419 or so for the time being. Sorry to burden you with all these reports most of which are probably just mistakes on my part or ignorance, but i can't wait when everything looks great :P - Mar 22 2009
Nopes, it stops at the default height. - Mar 09 2009
sorry for triple post, forgot about the plasma-theme.

This happens with any plasmatheme, but right now I'm using Aya. - Mar 09 2009
ok, looked at it with kruler and yes, it's exactly 3px each time. - Mar 09 2009
- KDE 4.2 (kdemod actually, but tried it in vanilla 4.2 and got same effect, and it happens in 4.3 aswell)
- Yes, happens in any panel with xbar in it.
- I'll check, tho I approximate it to be like 2-5px or sth - Mar 09 2009
When I toggle compositing (which i frequently do to play games) the panel containing Xbar grows in height, and I have to frequently unlock widgets and resize it again or else i'll get a monstruous panel after a few days. Is this a known bug and is there a workaround? - Mar 08 2009
sorry for late reply

And no, it has nothing to do with flash, it always happens if I middle-click a link which opens it in a new tab. I do have open tabs in background ticked, but haven't tried with that disabled, will try that now.

Heres a backtrace: - Mar 04 2009
hm ok, well, I tried it without plugins enabled for the statusbar and it still shows up. doesn't matter though, nota big deal..

but also, with the crossfading enabled konqueror and other webbrowsers using qt like rekonq will randomly crash if I mid-click a link which opens it in a new tab.. - Mar 02 2009 - Mar 01 2009
Yo, just noticed, when there are 2 scrollbars (eg, horizontal + vertical), there's a block on the bottom right with the background of the window background.. this happens with the background gradient on, but I noticed in the screenshots it isn't there. ideas? - Mar 01 2009
awesome, thx :)

and any chance of making the text centering thing at least an option? I'm trying to add a menu launcher too the left of the menubar to simulate apple's logo thing, but even at the smallest size, around 14x14 px, the menu on the side looks aligned to the top, and it looks fugly. - Feb 23 2009
Aye but I can't use Xbar without using Bespin, and I really like Xbar, and just got it looking ok with Bitstream, and thanks to your hint about the taskbar thing. :)

The font I was trying to use was Lucida Grande, which as I found out doesn't even have a bold option.. there's an entirely separate font LucidaMac bold or some-or-the-other. Bitstream works great, and it's somewhat better, 2px below the top of the panel now. Would be cool if it could be dynamically centered as I resize the panel.. right now it just sticks to the top. - Feb 23 2009
would use bespin if you could fix the following:

- disable the taskbar for when no window is active, I hate having xbar show a (bad-looking too, imo) taskbar when there's no window active, or a modal window
- it may be my font but I've tried dozens of fonts, and all of them are touching the top of the panel, instead of being vertically centered... and now the application name, e.g., Konqueror | Edit | View, etc.. is even further up than the rest.

And if you can suggest to me a nice way to use my tray in the meantime, that would be great :) - Feb 22 2009
Antico Deluxe

Qt Tools 32 comments

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Mar 03 2009
Well it looks okay, but that topbar a la gnome just creeps me out. If you can get a global menubar instead that works with GTK + Qt (see bespin) I'd adore you. :P - Apr 08 2009

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Jul 14 2012
Awesome plasmoid but... what dock is that? :o DO WANT - Apr 02 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 445 comments

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Mar 21 2009
On 4.3 trunk there's a big ugly black border around the window thumbnails when you hover over them. Any chance this can be fixed? - Apr 02 2009

Browser 100 comments

by mtux
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Mar 04 2012
ahh sorry, my timezone was borked in rc.conf, had to change that. Works great now. But a request, would be nice if it would be possible to dent 2 services at once, like identica + twitter, or any combination. :)

Thanks for a great app - Mar 25 2009
"just posted" dents show up as "3 hours ago", but I'm at -5 GMT. Other than that, great client. :) - Mar 23 2009
High Tech (Bespin)

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Mar 13 2009
Yeah,that really works,Thanks a lot! - Mar 13 2009
Colourful pack

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Nov 08 2010
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Nov 08 2010
BeiKe KDE Desktop

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Nov 08 2010
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Nov 08 2010
Arch DeepBlue

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Nov 08 2010
Ubuntu 8.04 Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by kevin11951

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Nov 08 2010
Nuvola for KDE 4.x

Full Icon Themes
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Nov 08 2010
The Shed

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Nov 08 2010

GTK2 Themes
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Cosmic lubuntu

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Nov 08 2010
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