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milan jurkulak Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Karamba & Superkaramba
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Jan 03 2007
Dik, ze to niekto oceni :)
Thanx that i can be useful:) - Jan 04 2007
jasne ze chystam, ale najprv chcem vyhodit len par veci, robim totiz na slovenskej verzii linuxu.
Specialne distro podobajuce sa na win XP.
Momentalne uz mam menu XP v 1.0

Yeah, i will do more later, but actualy I have too much to do with my own distro which will looks like a win XP.
Momentalne uz mam menu XP v 1.0

will be done soon - Jan 04 2007
battery monitor

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Nov 20 2006
Well, a may be icon and background is similar, but concept and py file are different.
It is not just a change of other package, i made my script and style.
Try to unpack file and see the differencies.
many red.

m - Nov 20 2006
Kopete in DEB, RPM and TGZ

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Jul 04 2006
i do this :

and works

mimo - Aug 18 2006