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Étienne Deparis Nantes, France
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May 07 2020
Hi! I would like to package your icon theme for Archlinux. However, there is no reliable way to get a permalink from deviantart. Can you host your package here or elsewhere, but somewhere we could have a fixed downloadable link? Thank you very much! - Oct 23 2017
Bluecurve icons

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Jan 06 2017
Oh, yes, I'm aware of the lack of icon regarding NetworkManager. I didn't succeeded to map the correct name and am always looking for that.

Regarding the bluetooth, the problem is that the original icon pack did not embed anything related to bluetooth (it did not exist at that time). I can look around if I find a suitable icon in another icon pack, which correctly fit with the others. - Jan 30 2017
Do not hesitate to point me out the missing icons.

I must admit however, that I'm not going to try to find a suitable icon for each possible application and only focus on system related one, or desktop-related official one. I.e. I'll support the web icon for epiphany, but probably not for firefox, iceweasel, chromium, … - Jan 29 2017
What do you mean by « indicators look » ? I don't use ubuntu, thus I'm not sure what an indicator is. - Jan 29 2017

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Jun 08 2014
I agree heiko2107, your theme seems to be a copy of

Why not simply ask them to participate ? - Jul 09 2014

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Aug 03 2009
The old user-style for firefox 3, which fix the bad integration of the shiki colour theme in firefox, was broken in firefox 4. The last nightly introduces a new display for destination in urlbar instead of status bar (which will disapear in firefox 4). So here ( is the correction in order to let the destination link appear properly.

Have fun with it. - Sep 25 2010

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by u5qh
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Feb 01 2009
Very nice icons... I searched them for a long time because I found the default folder icon of the GNOME theme ugly ! - Feb 01 2009

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Aug 24 2007
I post a new version correcting the bugs... - Jan 12 2008
something has changed in the youtube scripts... so I search what...
(the gentube creator too... so as soon as we have the correct script, we'll update our script. - Aug 30 2007
AWN Theme - Rough Wood

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Sep 21 2007
Thank you for the link :) - Sep 25 2007
Good job !
But what's the name of the font you use for your apps label ? Or if you could give us a link...
thx ! - Sep 21 2007