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System Software by coquelle 7 comments

Sorry, I too must leave a bad. karchiver states all over the place that it handles zip, bzip2, tar, and gz. However, you can't create a new zip archive? You can't create a new bzip2? What gives? I was expecting an application that not only extracts, but updates/creates. When trying to integrate my linux box (unix admin in a microsoft corp) one of the biggest things I have to deal with is creating zips (email blocks many things if I don't zip it)...and so far, I've not found a good gui for doing such things. Please don't mention command line...obviously that's what I have resorted to for a long time. I was hoping this application would provide a "clicky" solution that integrates with kde.

Please continue this project further! This looks soooo appealing! - Feb 10 2004